Trudeau Liberals Fall To Record Low In Leger Poll

Conservatives lead by more than 10 points.

A new poll from Leger shows the Conservatives with a substantial lead over the Liberals.

The poll comes in the wake of yet another provincial election in which the Liberals were defeated and replaced with a centre-right party.

Here are the key results:

Conservatives – 40%

Liberals – 27%

NDP – 12%

Greens – 11%

Bloc – 5%

People’s – 3%

This is a record low for the Liberals in Leger polls since the 2015 election.

The Conservatives lead in all regions except for Quebec, where the Liberals lead 31% to 23%. In Ontario, the Conservatives lead with 39% to 29% for the Liberals, while in Manitoba/Saskatchewan the Conservatives lead by 29 points.

In Alberta, the Conservatives dominate with a whopping 51 point lead over the Liberals.

In BC, the Liberals are trailing substantially, with just 22% compared to the Conservatives at 45%.

The Conservative lead has grown in recent Leger surveys. In late November 2018, the Liberals lead 39% to 33%. In February 2019, the Conservatives took the lead with 36% to the Liberals at 34%. In March, that lead expanded, with the Conservatives jumping to 37%, while the Liberals fell back to 31%. Now, the Conservatives lead by 13 points.

A closer look at how people feel about the government shows why the Liberals are in trouble.

The poll shows just 30% saying they are satisfied with the federal government, while 65% say they are dissatisfied.

And as we’ve seen in previous polls, the intensity is all on the negative side. Just 4% say they are very satisfied, while 39% say they are ‘very dissatisfied.’

That 35 point gap is bad news for the Liberals.

Still, nothing can be taken for granted.

The establishment media will certainly try to take the Conservatives down, and nothing is for certain until election day. We need to keep exposing the truth about the Trudeau government and ensure that the elites can’t manipulate their way back into power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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