VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau’s “Appeasement,” Says He Must Remove Canadian Money From Communist-China Controlled ‘Development Bank’

It’s part of Scheer’s plan to address the Canola Crisis.

With China continuing to block Canadian Canola imports under the obviously false pretext of ‘finding pests’ in shipments, Andrew Scheer is calling on Justin Trudeau to retaliate against the Communist state.

Scheer outlined steps he says Trudeau must take to “fix the canola crisis.”

Scheer says Trudeau must remove all Canadian money from the Asian Infrastructure Bank, a development bank controlled by Communist China that is being used to expand Communist influence at the expense of the Western World.

In his remarks, Scheers said “By doing nothing, this policy of appeasement that Justin Trudeau has pursued with the government in China has clearly not worked.”

Here are the things Scheer says Trudeau must do:

Withdraw Canadian money from the Asian Infrastructure Bank.

Appoint new ambassador to China.

Launch complaint about canola dispute with World Trade Organization.

Increase financial help for canola farmers.

China almost certainly won’t care about those last three steps, but removing money would get their attention.

Scheer is on to something here, as China only respects strength and resolve – two things Trudeau never shows.

Dealing with the serious challenges posed by Communist China, while standing up for Canada’s interests is essential for any leader, and Scheer deserves credit for taking a strong stand.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

“Justin Trudeau hasn’t taken action to support our world class canola farmers, as they pay for his failed foreign policy. I’m calling on him to take three steps to fix the canola crisis our farmers are now facing.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook