VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau’s “Appeasement,” Says He Must Remove Canadian Money From Communist-China Controlled ‘Development Bank’

It’s part of Scheer’s plan to address the Canola Crisis.

With China continuing to block Canadian Canola imports under the obviously false pretext of ‘finding pests’ in shipments, Andrew Scheer is calling on Justin Trudeau to retaliate against the Communist state.

Scheer outlined steps he says Trudeau must take to “fix the canola crisis.”

Scheer says Trudeau must remove all Canadian money from the Asian Infrastructure Bank, a development bank controlled by Communist China that is being used to expand Communist influence at the expense of the Western World.

In his remarks, Scheers said “By doing nothing, this policy of appeasement that Justin Trudeau has pursued with the government in China has clearly not worked.”

Here are the things Scheer says Trudeau must do:

Withdraw Canadian money from the Asian Infrastructure Bank.

Appoint new ambassador to China.

Launch complaint about canola dispute with World Trade Organization.

Increase financial help for canola farmers.

China almost certainly won’t care about those last three steps, but removing money would get their attention.

Scheer is on to something here, as China only respects strength and resolve – two things Trudeau never shows.

Dealing with the serious challenges posed by Communist China, while standing up for Canada’s interests is essential for any leader, and Scheer deserves credit for taking a strong stand.

You can watch Scheer’s remarks below:

“Justin Trudeau hasn’t taken action to support our world class canola farmers, as they pay for his failed foreign policy. I’m calling on him to take three steps to fix the canola crisis our farmers are now facing.”

Spencer Fernando

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“I’m calling on him ” – To me, this is an example of how people view Scheer. He is way way too soft.

I’m calling on him?? No, no. I demand, Canadians demand, Trudeau start representing Canada and Canadians and stand up to actions like this. We Canadians DEMAND he start doing his job for a change.

Scheer has to start showing aggression and strength.

David Henley

Scheer has no strength. He is showing Canada that he is not a real leader. He never will be. Power hungry only. Why do people think he is anything but what he is showing. Scheer will not take a stand on any issue if he will upset anyone. Which means nothing will change. He is afraid to have a bad review.

Dave Allsopp

Indeed, the only place that the words “Trudeau” and “resolve” might be found together in one sentence would be if one stated that, “Trudeau shows great resolve in covering up his unethical behaviour.”! Communist China is the only large socialist state remaining and is moving large numbers of people into British Columbia supposedly escaping Hong Kong with fortunes intact. However, Trudeau has been courting communists from China as he virtue signals his Marxist-oriented ideological policies far and wide. I believe that “fake” communist “capitalists” who are used as a weapon of communism to infiltrate and eventually destroy capitalism and democracy… Read more »

shawn harris

It must be absolutely clear to everyone by now that , Trudeau never does anything for Canada or Canadians, but always wants what he can get from it personally and the rest of us as his father Pierre called MPs outside of Parliament, nobodies. Trudeau never considers the consequences of his actions and decisions, to him that is nothing but a minor annonce, something to be dismissed. Trudeau’s calculations in every decision he makes revolves around either power or getting and holding onto votes. Canada can do everything that this chinese controlled infrastructure bank promises and more. Since when does… Read more »

Ron Shaw

If you really want their attention , simple stop all China importation , that will definitely get their attention . Then other countries that have issue with chinas government might take action to put China in its place .

Norbert Kausen

Scheer is right! As a matter of fact, Canada should NEVER have implanted money into the communist Chinese Infrastructure Development Bank! China IS the enemy and the sooner people figure this out, the better off we will be!!! Just look at what China is doing to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America, not to mention what they have done to the South China Sea!


How about pulling visas from ALL Chinese students in Canada? I really don’t care if universities are hurt as they spend far too much money and attention on recruiting from China. Time they spent taxpayers dollars on Canadian students. And then visas can be pulled from Chinese citizens who want to immigrate to Canada.

don morris

MY GOD that man is DULL! FFS learn to speak with some passion, Mr.Scheer! You are vying for the Top Job, not reading a high school essay in front of your classmates. Why can the CPC NOT recognize how incredibly dull and boring Andrew Scheer is when he speaks? Watch the Trudeau speech featured here in another thread,Trudeau rocks the crowd with some well spoken and passionate lines,and THAT is going to go over well with the average voter who doesn’t live for the political show,as we do on the conservative blogs. I support the CPC and Scheer,but this man… Read more »