VIDEO: Bill Morneau Insults Canadians Who Oppose Giving Our Tax Dollars To Communist China

Morneau shows once again the endless contempt Liberals have for Canadians.

During a recent hearing on Parliament Hill, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was asked about the fact that $250 MILLION Canadian taxpayer dollars are being given away to the Communist-China controlled ‘Infrastructure Bank.’

The ‘Infrastructure Bank’ funds infrastructure in other countries, and is controlled by China. It is used to expand their influence and power.

Canadians are rightfully asking why we are paying for any of that?

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre brought the issue up at the hearing, and unsurprisingly, Bill Morneau’s response was arrogant and condescending.

He called critics of the giveaway to China “uneducated.” You can watch it below:

“Against giving China’s new bank a quarter-billion dollars? Well, you’re just uneducated says Bill Morneau.”

Morneau is the same guy who called Lisa Raitt a ‘neanderthal’ for disagreeing with Trudeau government policy.

People like Morneau and Trudeau simply can’t accept that people are allowed to question them. They think they’re above questioning or criticism, and their elitist arrogance is revealed whenever the going gets tough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Major Tom

Guilt by association!! Given to a Commie… a Commie!

Norbert Kausen

Morneau is one of those arrogant disgraceful liberal globalists who snubs his nose at Canadians, as he hides his ill gotten gains in off-shore accounts, but because there is a double standard in Canada, one for the communist party members, such as Morneau, Trudeau and many others, and another for the Canadian peasants! The politicians, like Morneau, MUST be held to account!!!


It’s Trudeau and Morneau who are “uneducated” and Canadians need to educate them in the next election by voting them out of office.

Carol Harris

China is literally defecating all over Canada and this cowardice useless government doesn’t use one tool in the toolbox to make a stand and fight back, yet this same government will get all tough with our biggest ally, call their president names and put all kinds of tariffs on the US. And now are asking the US to get us out of this jam Mr. Dressup has gotten us into.


The problem is stupid voters, not stupid politicians.

sandra c

This Canadian understands completely. Liberals are not interested in the Canadian economy or anything that has anything to do with Canada. You’ve made it perfectly clear each and every day, since being elected in.

Richard Gauthier

How sad!!