APPEASEMENT HAS FAILED: Canada Must Immediately Retaliate With Strength Against China Following Outrageous Arrest Of Two Canadians

Bans on foreign homebuyers, and tariffs on Chinese products must be imposed.

With Communist China further escalating their attacks on Canada, having announced more arbitrary blocks on Canadian products and now officially arresting Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on obviously made-up ‘spying’ accusations, it is clear that the appeasement policy of Justin Trudeau has failed.

With every provocation, Trudeau has responded with weakness, trying to calm and placate China.

However, because China’s leaders are intelligent and ruthless, they have quickly noticed that Trudeau’s weakness allows them to get away with anything, thus leading to further and further provocations and more damage to Canada.

That leads to the clear conclusion: Canada must retaliate with strength.

There are two immediate steps that can be taken to show that Canada won’t just roll over.

First, a ban on all foreign homebuyers – which would deal with the problem of super-rich non-citizens (often from the Communist State) purchasing property in Canada and driving up prices. The ban – which New Zealand has already imposed for similar reasons – would also significantly reduce the problem of money from foreign criminals coming into Canada and distorting our economy.

Second, tariffs on select products from China should be imposed. That would show Canada is willing to hit back in the economic battle, and would demonstrate toughness and resolve on our side.

While tariffs certainly have an economic cost, we must show we are willing to pay that cost in order to defend our national interests against those who seek to humiliate and push us around.

Appeasement has failed. Now it is time for strength and retaliation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube