Backroom Liberals Pushing Former Goldman Sachs Banker Mark Carney As Trudeau Replacement?

Toronto Star claims some backroom Liberals want Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to take over if the Liberals lose.

Backroom Liberals are already thinking about replacing Justin Trudeau, according to a report by the Toronto Star.

The report indicates that there is a push by some Liberal to recruit Mark Carney – currently the Bank of England Governor – to seek the party leadership.

Carney previously served as the Governor of the Bank of Canada before heading to the UK where he made 800,000 pounds per year, something that caused significant anger in the UK.

He also worked at Goldman Sachs for 13 years.

Whether anything comes of the backroom dealing remains to be seen, and much will depend on the results of the upcoming election. Still, the fact that some are already musing about Trudeau’s replacement shows how his position and authority has been weakened.

Of course, picking a former Bank of Canada Governor, Bank of England Governor, and Goldman Sachs banker like Carney would represent a doubling-down by the Liberals on entrenched elitism, potentially reminiscent of the Michael Ignatieff debacle.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thomas Tass

The story behind the story is the that rank and file Liberals are afraid they will loose the election and angry at the guy who is destroying the brand. They also know that that guy will not go before he sinks the party in October.


The Liberals had a long time to cross the floor if they had been smart. A Non-Confidence Vote is what the Majority of Canadians wanted to see. Now that you Liberals will be unemployed, you are talking about a new Leader. Too Little, Too Late!


That is all we need now. To be led by a globalist banker.