‘BASIC DICTATORSHIP’: Trudeau Liberal Government Considering Shutting Down Social Media As Election Approaches

Given a chance to rule it out, Karina Gould failed to do so, sending a clear message that the Trudeau Liberals are willing to go down the path of authoritarian states like Communist China.

The Trudeau government was given a chance to rule out something that should have been easy to rule out for any government that even half-respects democracy:

Shutting down social media during an election.

Instead, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould refused to rule it out when given the chance.

Here’s what was reported by The Montreal Journal (translated with Google Translate):

“I think it’s obvious that Twitter is not taking this issue seriously. Otherwise, they would have acted in a faster way, “she said Thursday, adding that time is running out.

Ms. Gould blames the US social network for not having adhered to Canada’s Declaration on Online Electoral Integrity presented by Ottawa more than a week ago.

This statement, which Facebook, Microsoft and Google are committed to respect, urges web platforms to fight misinformation and eliminate false accounts.

Asked how Ottawa could crack down on social networks that do not seem to collaborate, the minister did not dismiss the idea of ​​temporarily closing them. She added, however, that this is not the preferred path for now.”

Think about that for a moment:

A Minister in a supposedly free and democratic country is refusing to rule out shutting down social media during an election because it refuses to bow down to partisan demands.

That’s the kind of stuff we see in Communist China and authoritarian regimes, and to see it creeping into the thinking of the Trudeau Liberals is disturbing and should horrify all Canadians.

It should not even be under consideration.

The Conservatives must speak out against this and denounce this vehemently. We cannot allow the Trudeau government to take away more of our free speech and free expression.

Remember, the Liberals and the other corrupt elites were glad to make use of social media when they felt assured of winning elections, but once Conservatives and Populists started having success on social media and once Canadians felt empowered to share our own views freely, all of a sudden the elites are cracking down and making threats.

We are seeing Trudeau’s love for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ now turn into outright emulation of it.

If you’re against this authoritarian threat from the Trudeau Liberals, contact your MP and let them know how you feel:

MP Search Link

Spencer Fernando

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Gordon Stevenson

I hope the Liberals do shut down Social Media, the repercussions at the polls will be inspiring for free speech.

Don Taylor

Canadians can NOT afford another 4 months of the Trudeau liberal {disaster} party ,they should be thrown in the garbage can where they belong


There is NO Hate Speech on Social Media. The problem is that Trudeau and the Liberals do not want to read the TRUTH!


Many people don’t know about VPNs and how useful they are. The cost is cheap and there are good ones out there. It’s the only way to bypass government censorship. Better now than never. You should do a post on it.


Never in a million years would I think of seeing this kind of thing happening in Canada.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau and democracy are like fire and gasoline and Trudeau is the one holding the torch threatening to burn our proven and cherished democracy to the ground; all so he can claim to be dictator for life. Time for Canadians to demand the immediate resignation of Trudeau as PM. Our rights to freedom of thought , speech and expression aren’t something that can be taken away all because Trudeau is having a hissy fit over the public no longer being in love with him or adoring his fake feminism. Since he wants to be dictator so much, he should go… Read more »


Are the Liberals deliberately forcing Canadians to resort to violence?

Randy Grover

This was the first thing I had read when I got up today. Thanks for the Heads Up and the easy access to MP search link.


There is NO Hate Speech on Social Media. The problem is that Dictator Trudeau and his Liberal Sheeple do NOT want Canadians to read the TRUTH!

Ruth Bard

We managed to communicate before the advent of social media, and we’ll manage again. Canada Post will have a windfall, and there’ll be some dude with a bullhorn haranguing on every street corner. Considering the creepy people who own social media, I’d be glad to see it disappear permanently.


Once upon a time a newspaperboy would yell:
In today’s high-tech we proberly end up shouting at every corner, cafe etc;
You see folks, it’s so simple.
People always find ways to communicate.


Why do Canadians still not know how much SNC Lavalin, the Saudis, the Aga Khan, Tidewater, etc have contributed to the Trudeau Family Trust?


You will hear all about those stories Matt, only when and if the cpc are in Gov then the media will spill the beans( attack and blame) the cpc for everything the liberals did TO us.

R. Millis

How can he block the internet? Is this China or Russia? Does he control the internet while sitting in the livingroom on the couch

Ken (Kulak)

This coming from this bunch is not in the least surprising.
And don’t look to the CPC to stand against this as they do not effectively stand against anything else Trudeau pulls off.

Leonard Maurice Ralph

um, how exactly could they “shutdown” Facebook or Twitter? just not possible!


All they have to do is mandate the carriers (Bell, Telus etc) to block the websites / apps on their routers / firewalls. It’s not all that complicated really. They do it all the time in places like North Korea… which is about where we are headed with little potato.

Susan Whitelaw

I feel this is wrong to do stop any information we should know .it makes me mad at the Government .sua