POLL: 40% Of 2015 Liberal Voters Now Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau

Terrible numbers for the PM, showing how much of his base support has been lost.

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has been bad for quite a while now, with the latest Angus Reid poll showing him at 33% approval and 64% disapproval.

Those top-line numbers obscure some even bigger weaknesses for Trudeau.

In 2015, the Liberals won 39.7% of the vote, and Trudeau was the most popular leader by the time the campaign ended.

But now, Trudeau has lost the approval of nearly half the people who voted for his party last time.

According to Angus Reid, just 59% of people who voted Liberal in 2015 approve of Trudeau now. 40% disapprove.

That’s a huge drop, and it shows how Trudeau’s continued betrayals and broken promises have been clearly noticed by Canadians.

The only potential bright spot for Trudeau is among those who voted NDP in 2015. 38% of those voters approve of him, while 61% disapprove. However, the NDP looks likely to lose votes to the Greens, particularly since Elizabeth May is more popular than Trudeau is.

Among 2015 Green voters, 72% disapprove of Trudeau, while 86% of 2015 Bloc voters disapprove. And unsurprisingly, Trudeau’s numbers among Conservative voters are terrible, with 95% disapproving.

The loss of so much support from those who once believed in him is an indictment of Trudeau’s time in office. Now, all he has left is to run a campaign of lies and fear-mongering, which is exactly what he’s doing.

“Sunny Ways” has been replaced with anger, division, and hate, as Trudeau blames everything on the Conservatives and demonizes his opponents.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ripper Oakley

What a moron.


Split the left vote and split it hard!


Lieberal voters must be warned that voting for the greens is voting for the Lieberals, probably the same with the NDP (they usually agree with LIEberals too). The Conservatives MUST win a majority to keep Canada together and bring common sense back to Canadians.




Trudeau will go down in Canada’s history book as the worse PM. Weak, double speaking, promise breaker and corrupt.

Norbert Kausen

I would just bet it is a lot higher!!!


So 60% still like him, wow that doesn’t figure.

Thomas Tass

Middle of the road common sense Liberals have been abandoned by the Trudeau cabal. Its not more Conservatives but fewer Liberals voting that will kick this gang our of power.


100% of conservatives disapprove of Trudeau. The 5% that don’t disapprove aren’t conservative.

Wayne Hawthorne

A mental evaluation should put the Village Idiot into a straight jacket.