VIDEO: As He Divides Canadians With His Unpatriotic Disloyalty, Trudeau Blames Conservatives & Scheer For Festering National Unity Crisis

Time and time again, Trudeau blames others rather than take responsibility for the crises he creates.

Canada is more divided than ever before.

Western Separatism is on the rise, particularly in Alberta, because of Justin Trudeau’s repeated attempts to choke the life out of the energy industry with discriminatory legislation like Bill C-48 and Bill C-69.

While Canada was united under the Harper Government with both Western Separatism and Quebec Separatism dormant, Trudeau has undone that era of peace.

Things are so bad that six Premiers recently released a letter warning that Trudeau’s legislation risks having a devastating economic impact and causing a severe national unity crisis.

With some polls showing majorities of people in Alberta and potentially Saskatchewan willing to consider separating from Canada, it is clear that the national unity crisis is already here.

It’s a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s unpatriotic and disloyal attitude, as he puts his narrow partisan interests, his ego, and his elitism ahead of the job of serving the Canadian People and keeping our country together.

And how would you expect an Unpatriotic and disloyal politician to react to the festering unity crisis?

Blame others of course, and that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing. Take a look at his absolutely brutal response to the Premier’s letter:

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As Manny said, it’s Vile.

Trudeau is tearing Canada apart at the seams, and every chance he gets he makes the damage even worse by blaming others.

Imagine if he actually took some responsibility, admitted he was wrong on C-48 and C-69, and pledged to help the Canadian Energy Industry. It would go a long way towards reducing the anger in our country and bringing Canadians together in common cause.

But he won’t do that, because it would go against his self-aggrandizing ego, and would go against his effort to divide people along lines he thinks will benefit him and the Liberals.

So, the damage he’s doing to Canada doesn’t matter to him. For Trudeau, it’s all about power and self-interest, consequences be damned.

Spencer Fernando

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