Terrible Decision By Conservatives To Remove Salim Mansur Creates New Opening For Bernier

Surrendering to pressure from the Liberal elites will only encourage more pressure. They can never be appeased.

Salim Mansur is a devout Canadian Muslim who has courageously spoke out against radical Islamism.

Mansur is a highly-respected professor, and has even been invited by Conservatives to testify on Parliament Hill about the threat of radical Islamism.

Mansur won the nomination to be the Conservative candidate in the riding of London North-Centre.

However, the Conservative Party has since disqualified him from running – without even letting party members in the area decide.

“I’m disappointed with CPC disallowing my candidacy, yet hopeful conservatives will persevere. I’ll have more to say about this & my role in 2019 election. Thanks to all for love & support. This setback won’t derail me to help rescue our Canada from Islamism & Globalism.”

He was told in an email that his candidacy was ‘disallowed.’

According to a report by Andrew Lawton for the True North Centre, “No reason was provided in the email, but Mansur told me in a brief interview that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s campaign manager, Hamish Marshall, advised him last week of the party’s concerns with Mansur’s past writing and public speaking on Islamism and the politics of radical Muslims, which Marshall said will likely be portrayed by Liberals and others as Islamophobic, and become disruptive to the party’s national campaign.”

If that is the reason, it’s a disgrace.

The whole point of being a leader is having the ability to persuade people and push back against falsehoods. So, if the Liberals call Mansur ‘Islamophobic’ (which is obviously absurd considering that Mansur is himself Muslim), then Scheer should simply push back and say “Mansur is a proud Canadian-Muslim who is fighting against extremism and terrorism.”

Then, Scheer should put Trudeau on the defensive by saying “Justin Trudeau must answer for his association with people like Joshua Boyle, Trudeau must answer for his plan to let ISIS terrorists back into our country, and Trudeau must explain why the Liberals are attacking a courageous Canadian Muslim instead of fighting against the anti-LGBT, anti-women agenda of radical Islamists.”

It would be so easy to put the Liberals on the defensive and stand up for Mansur.

But instead, the Conservatives simply booted him.

It’s weakness, and that weakness will only encourage more attacks from the Liberals.

As Cosmin Dzsurdzsa wrote in the Post Millennial, “The Conservatives will be accused of Islamophobia either way. There really is no way around it. In fact, the Liberals will likely pull out their full arsenal of phobias to fling at Conservatives. This decision won’t mitigate the persistence or the frequency of such smears. It should be clear from the recent elections in Alberta and before that in Ontario, that the left will invent reasons to accuse their opponents of all sorts of vile things if they can’t find any readily available. For the CPC to think that this might save them a headache is just naivete or self-delusion.”

This move sends a dangerous message to brave Canadian Muslims who are speaking out against extremism. If even Canada’s top Conservative party won’t stand up for them, then who will?

It’s demoralizing for the Conservative Base, and it’s a massive mistake.

It also creates an opening for People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier.

While Bernier has been struggling in the polls as his party gets off the ground, the Conservatives’ rejection of Mansur plays exactly into what he’s been saying about some Conservatives being far too willing to bow down to Liberal-style political correctness.

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“The Tories have rejected the candidacy of highly respected Prof. @SalimMansurLNC, a critic of islamism, for fear of being called islamophobic by Liberals. Can you trust Andrew Scheer to defend Canadian values? Is he willing to do *anything* to gain power?”

There will certainly be some justifiably-angry Conservatives who will consider the People’s Party more now because of the brutal error of getting rid of Mansur.

The Conservatives under Scheer have gotten many things right, particularly their willingness to confront Communist China, build up our military, and reverse Trudeau’s destructive and unity-destroying economic policies.

That said, their lack of toughness and fear of attacks led them to meekly surrender to the Liberals and remove Mansur and that mistake could cost them votes at Election time.

Canada needs people like Salim Mansur in our political leadership.

As a result, the decision must be reversed, and the Conservatives need to adopt the attitude of simply focusing all their attacks and attention on Trudeau’s pathetic and dangerous failures, rather than surrendering to the sickness of political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Vivienne Ziner

Spencer Fernando, I am a personal friend of Salim Mansur and I can tell you and everyone that he is the most decent, intelligent, informed PROUD Canadian who does honour to his adopted country every single day with his honest, clearsighted insight and his educated understanding and support of freedom and democracy! SHAME ON THE CONSERVATIVES! ANDREW SCHEER< IFYOU DON'T GROW A SPINE SOON, YOU ARE GOING TO ****UP OUR RETRIEVING OUR COUNTRY FROM TRUDEAU AND HIS CRONIES! WAKE UP, CANADA! WAKE UP, CONSERVATIVE PARTY! DISGRACEFUL!!!!


Mr Scheer is weak and not a true leader
My vote is for PPC, I hope Canada wakes up and starts doing there own home work on politicians.


Typical Bernier, only criticizing the Conservatives yet again, if he was head of the Conservatives I would have no one to vote for and would assume it was the end of our country, like if trudeau gets in again and could only hope for the best but… Nothing said here tells us why the Conservatives have cut this man loose? Before we know why, how can we judge? just because Bernier says so? There must be a good reason, at least you would think so, after all they have shown no anti Muslim sentiments and welcomed him initially.


Who is advising Scheer? He seems to have turned into a Liberal – light. Why does Scheer seem afraid to offend Trudeau?

David MacKAY

It is as every9one feared back in the Reform Party Days when they brought back the Name Conservative for the party. Scheer is backed by Joe Clarks “Red Tories” the Flora McDonald leftists. The Liberals hijacked the conservatives under Clarke and they have done it again with Scheer.
It’s Justin Trudeau or Trudeau lite aka: Andrew Scheer is the Liberal desire for Canada.

Don Piche

Since The MSM won’t willingly cover Max Bernier & The PPC this will perhaps make more Canadians aware of this fledgling Political Party and the pathetic lack of scruples displayed by the current established Mainstream Party’s… Canada is failing and the Mainstream Political Parties are more concerned with political correctness than actually addressing the burgeoning needs of this Country. Max Bernier & the PPC are exposing this fact so instead the establishment are colluding to refuse to allow Canadians a choice to consider any other political alternatives by muzzling any other proffered opinions directly contrary to what they deem as… Read more »

Maureen Henderson

Very big mistake on Scheers part.

David MacKAY

Fatal Mistake actually


This does not bode well for the CPC. They aren’t standing up for their members. Spineless…

Dick Leppky

Spencer: Maybe you should take a closer look at what Maxime is willing to do in a more ‘conservative’ way than the CPC is willing, or has the courage, to adopt. (I know the argument about vote splitting) But there comes a time when we obviously need to get serious about resisting the leftist liberalism agenda assisted by mainstream media, some judges, university professors and the ridiculous accommodation of the LGBT++++ agenda. It’s time to at least begin…..the ‘new conservatism’ is actually the older liberalism….all heading towards more socialism and moral decay.

Ruth Shuster

It sounds like Mr Mansur would be an excellent Candidate for the Conservative Party. What is Andrew Scheer thinking. Islamophobia is a term invented by the Liberals. I do not understand why Andrew is going along with this garbage just to appease the Liberals.

Dave Allsopp

This was an act of cowardice by the CPC and Andrew Scheer! This has me thinking now about my support for the federal Conservatives! My current Conservative MP will not seek another term this fall. Andrew Scheer! Liberals, real liberals, won’t vote for you and if you start to resemble pre-Justin Trudeau Liberals…neither will I! Muslims may…may…vote for you if you have a Muslim Brotherhood candidate but they’ll dump you as soon as your muslim candidate is popular enough to jump ship and join a muslim party. You are in over your head Andrew and many of your party obviously… Read more »


That’s a great thing for real Conservatives such as the PPC schemers been making a lot of terrible decisions he isn’t ready to lead Maxime is


Sorry I meant Scheer

Norbert Kausen

It is as MANY Canadians fear… Scheer seems to have become FAR too left, emulating Trudeau! He is trying to appease the left-wing liberal supporters and in doing so is abandoning real Canadians! This WILL come back to bite him! It will drive MANY Canadians to support Bernier!

Steve Richards

Sadly I agree. I think he is willing to do anything to gain power. I unfortunately think he is a Trudeau light and will continue to lead us down the path to disaster and not put an end to a lot of this nonsense. Another sign from him just this week, the change on the Global warming nonsense. He can smell victory so do whatever it takes instead of doing what is right for the Country and it’s people. Unfortunately I have to vote for him, the lesser of the evils(Bernier is sadly a wasted vote).

Eleanor Merkus

You are right, Spencer. That was a horrendous decision by the conservatives……some of the delusions of the Lieberals must have been contagious. Sad!


Spencer is 100% right. Salim Mansur is a leader who Canada needs badly. What is happening in London Ontario culturally is heart breaking. Canadians would be shocked if they knew. Last summer I turned on the car radio there and heard a Muslim ‘ call to worship’ and then…”Women are inferior to men. Women are inferior to men….repeat etc.” You can’t make this up! I was floored that this brain washing would be allowed on the public airwaves. It’s subliminal brain washing. London is where the huge Saudi military contract is and the Saudis brought over hundreds of their own… Read more »

Moe S.

Thanks for reminding Canadians of the $15 billion Saudi military contract given to General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLS). Just remembering Trudeau referring to the LAV6
heavy assault, direct fire, and anti-tank vehicles as “jeeps” when he was criticized for not canceling the contract when he became PM. lol

Anna Hotvedt

Strange how Scheer seems to very quickly remove any one who may be able to do his job better than he can. What is his problem? does he have an inability to work nicely with others, or insecure .

don morris

I have been a critic of Scheer since day one,due to his complete lack of speaking ability and no charisma,which can be offset by sound tactics,but Scheer has shown no capacity for this aspect of political life either. Scheer is a lifetime professional politician with so little experience outside politics, only Justin Trudeau is worse. Scheer’s big failing is that he, like Trudeau, has spent his whole life in the political bubble, with little understanding of how government decisions affect ordinary citizens. I supported Scheer only because Trudeau is far worse for Canada, but the criticisms of Scheer by conservatives… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

I am one that has very recently decided to vote PPC specifically due to Scheer being a flip-flop, weakling.

He is no leader and is a centrist NOT a conservative!

Rob Gillespie

Sadly just another demonstration that Andrew Scheer is a gutless weasel. He keeps up this kind of stupidity and Justin the Groper won’t need to rig the election to win it. It’s hard to take a lot of things he does seriously. Recently got one of those “Conservative” emails saying they believe that “Protectionism threatens free trade”: problem with that is their continued support for the protectionism of Quebec’s dairy industry, and other “supply management” boards. They apparently think that’s fine, as long it benefits a place where they hope (stupidly, I think) to get a lot of votes. Maxime… Read more »