BREAKING: Liberal Senate Betrays Canadian Energy Workers By Passing Bill C-48

Risk of national unity crisis now rises.

The stage has now been set for a higher risk of a national unity crisis, as the Liberal Senate (ignore that BS about ‘independent’ Trudeau-appointed Senators), has passed Bill C-48, a discriminatory piece of legislation that hurts Canada’s energy industry and Canadian workers.

Despite tremendous opposition to the legislation – particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan – and despite 6 Canadians Premiers warning that it could spark a national unity crisis, Trudeau’s appointed Senators and partisan Liberals voted for the legislation anyway.

The vote was close, with 49 voting for it, 46 voting against it, and one senator abstaining.

Unsurprisingly, the decisive margin on the vote was provided by Trudeau’s appointed Senators.

Of course, the fix seems to have been in from the beginning, since those supposedly ‘independent’ Senators had been openly meeting with Catherine McKenna’s staff as it was being discussed.

The legislation is absurd, as it applies standards against Western Canadian oil that is not applied to oil from countries like Saudi Arabia on the East Coast.

So, thanks to the Liberals, we are once again shackling our own energy industry while opening things up for foreign oil.

It’s a betrayal of Alberta, it’s a betrayal of Saskatchewan, it’s a betrayal of Western Canada, and it’s a betrayal of the workers in Canada’s oil industry who will be hurt the worst.

It’s exactly like I’ve said before: Canadian Workers are under attack by the Trudeau government.

And now, with polls already showing surging support for Western Separatism, the unity of our country is weakening even more.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

Do my or anyone’s thoughts even matter any longer? Seems these traitors / dictators have run amok.

Cleroux, Jacqueline

With good premiers at the helm wanting to do what’s best for their citizens and the economy of their countries, I’d like to see all the provinces separate. They know their problems better than the federal govt. They can trade in and out of the country, Anything’s better than what’s going on now. With regard to immigration; if 350,000 come to Canada in 3 years, where’s the money going to come from to pay for them with resources not being developed, mines either nor fracking and tons of our taxes going to foreign coutries??? It’s becoming embarassing. Foreign countries are… Read more »

Civil Civilian

Mr Fernando l can hardly wait for your first piece on the new government coming and that is a for sure. Thank you for your committment of reporting honest to goodness news as heartbreaking as it is.


and hour by hour updates & revelations!! Yes, thanks for your efficient, honest reporting; without you & a couple of like-minded, astute & scrupulous reporters (we all know who they are) we are getting a full picture of what’s going on – which surely gives us a focus at VOTE time. Bring on the election (& watch your back for Elections Canada)!!


So if anyone was questioning the veracity of Trudeau approving the pipeline expansion this should put it to rest. Did he really think people were going to buy his BS? What good is an expanded pipeline if they are restricting the tankers from shipping the extra product. I wouldn’t blame the discontent of the west. At every opportunity Trudeau and his band of fools (and now his stacked senate) have tried to screw over the west.


No repercussions for the laurentian elites. Vote wise in October people.


The man is utterly unintelligent. And that’s a compliment. He is so dangerous.

bob Fry

Premier Jason kenney gave the senators the most intelligent and compassionate speech, and answered all their questions with sincere honesty not for Alberta but for all of Canada, We should have known that the fix would be in with the Senate when the Liberals only allowed one hour for debate in the house of Commons, October 21, 2019 can’t come soon enough for me.

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau is desperately trying to do what his father Pierre Trudeau failed to do, that is undermine and destroy what gives the west it’s power and influence, the oil industry. It serves his purposes to undermine and destroy the oil industry because, it helps him achieve his goals of revenge on the oil industry and the western oil provinces, who humiliated and defeated his father, as well as it helps achieve what his father also wanted a federally owned, operated, nationalised oil industry. Trudeau’s pretense of protecting the environment, was and still is just strawman used to deflect attention… Read more »

don morris

This should never have happened and it would NOT have occurred if the former PM had filled the 22 Senate seats that were vacant before he left Office. IF the CPC forms government this Fall, the new PM had better be on the ball and fill any vacancies right up until the next election. Trudeau declared all Liberal Senators “Independents” in 2014, then proceeded to appoint all 22 seats Harper had left vacant. As of now, there are 58 Independents, 31 CPC, 9 LPC and 7 non-affiliated. Call Trudeau all the names you like,but this debacle is on Stephen Harper.… Read more »


A possibility: A multi-billion dollar Class Action Lawsuit by the Prairie Provinces and even some Northern States against BC, charging them with failing to take any “meaningful” action with the BC Carbon Tax to minimize the disastrous effects of the forest fires in BC. Poor air quality had disastrous effects on the health and certainly affected job performance of thousands of people who had no choice but to be outside for any of a myriad of reasons. An additional similar lawsuit could be based on the failure of BC to eradicate or control the Pine beetle which is blown by… Read more »


I imagine US ships going back and forth to Alaska will be exempt.
It sure seems that our PM is going out of his way to tank Canada for US benefiting.

Pushing for electric cars soon will have many, many lawsuits due to safety issues.
If people are displeased with cell phones to their heads, imagine those trays of explosive batteries under the cars. Mechanics will not touch them as electrocutions have occurred.


Electric cars that we paid for with so-called subsidies. Governments don’t have any money, it is ours. If someone wants to buy an EV, go ahead, but don’t expect me to help. That is what Banks are for.

don morris

Joe, all ships which do not start in a Canadian port,or visit a Canadians port, are exempt from the ruling. I suppose this was a dose of reality to this government as the spectacle of our feeble navy trying to stop U.S. tankers would have made Trudeau look even more absurd than he already does.

Rob Gillespie

Once again, Vive l’Alberta Libre!

old white guy

One cannot blame the senate for anything as their votes are meaningless. The house passed it and that is all that matters. The rubber stamp of the senate is not needed. The destruction of Canada’s energy industry continues apace.

alan skelhorne

so when does the civil war start

bob Fry

Did anyone be that naive that Justin Trudeau would accept the 150 changes, and when only one hour was allowed for discussion in the House Of Commons, that told you the nail was in the coffin for the energy Industry of the West. He is truly following to finish off the job that his father came up short doing in the N.E.P. in the early 1980. It is quite Ironic, that Grandpa Trudeau made his fortunes off the Oil & Gas Industry. Well this will get the separation groups of the Western Provinces Revving up their rhetoric for separating from… Read more »