BREAKING: Liberal Senate Betrays Canadian Energy Workers By Passing Bill C-48

Risk of national unity crisis now rises.

The stage has now been set for a higher risk of a national unity crisis, as the Liberal Senate (ignore that BS about ‘independent’ Trudeau-appointed Senators), has passed Bill C-48, a discriminatory piece of legislation that hurts Canada’s energy industry and Canadian workers.

Despite tremendous opposition to the legislation – particularly in Alberta and Saskatchewan – and despite 6 Canadians Premiers warning that it could spark a national unity crisis, Trudeau’s appointed Senators and partisan Liberals voted for the legislation anyway.

The vote was close, with 49 voting for it, 46 voting against it, and one senator abstaining.

Unsurprisingly, the decisive margin on the vote was provided by Trudeau’s appointed Senators.

Of course, the fix seems to have been in from the beginning, since those supposedly ‘independent’ Senators had been openly meeting with Catherine McKenna’s staff as it was being discussed.

The legislation is absurd, as it applies standards against Western Canadian oil that is not applied to oil from countries like Saudi Arabia on the East Coast.

So, thanks to the Liberals, we are once again shackling our own energy industry while opening things up for foreign oil.

It’s a betrayal of Alberta, it’s a betrayal of Saskatchewan, it’s a betrayal of Western Canada, and it’s a betrayal of the workers in Canada’s oil industry who will be hurt the worst.

It’s exactly like I’ve said before: Canadian Workers are under attack by the Trudeau government.

And now, with polls already showing surging support for Western Separatism, the unity of our country is weakening even more.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube