VIDEO: Maxime Bernier’s Full Press Conference Announcing Greater Toronto Area Candidates

Among the candidates are Renata Ford, the widow of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has announced his slate of Toronto candidates for the upcoming federal election.

One of the candidates is Renata Ford, the widow of the popular former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

On Twitter, Bernier urged people to “Vote for your values”:

“Vote for your values.

Vote for what you believe in.

Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Keep your integrity.



Votez pour vos valeurs.

Votez pour ce en quoi vous croyez.

Ne vous contentez pas de la médiocrité.

Gardez votre intégrité.


While the People’s Party has struggled in the polls, a large slate of GTA candidates is a sign of a growing organization. Additionally, having Renata Ford run for the party could bring some of Ford Nation on board with Bernier, which is a key source of support for conservatives in Ontario.

Below, you can watch Bernier’s full press conference announcing the candidates:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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David MacKAY

Scheer (aka Trudeau lite) was worried this would happen. Looks like the “Ford Election Machine in Ontario is moving to back Bernier. -proper thing

Chaz Martel

Ha ha. I call Maxine Bernier “Mr. One Percent” (1%), because that is his polling average over the last few polls. Despite all his claims of strong conservative principles and a stiff spine, he obviously is not inspiring the Canadian electorate. The best he can expect to achieve in this election (if he is very lucky) is to hold onto his own seat. A one seat party is not going to form the next government. So sorry. Any vote for the PPC is a vote for Justin Trudeau. That reality is all the PPC have been about since they were… Read more »


It’s well known there’s either monkey business going on with polling or polling is just downright inaccurate as evidenced with the last US election and Brexit. Odds were in the high nineties (as I recall) that UK residents were going to oppose Brexit just a day before voting booths opened and look what happened (and of course the establishment has been fighting tooth and nail since, and failing, to reverse the people’s choice). Anyone who bases their vote on polls (as Scheer bases his policy on) is only going to get what the pollsters tell them. Can’t you see you… Read more »


Chaz Agreed with you 100% The fact that when Bernier was even asked how many former conservatives are in his party he had to pull a Trudy and not answer the question and just attack the conservatives. The fact he’s there targeting not liberal voters but conservative voters is about all the proof needed to show hes only there to split the vote and his vendetta against the evil Conservatives seems more like an obsession. So I really do not get the point on anyone voting for Bernier. If you want a Laurentian Elite who dodges questions, hates conservatives, has… Read more »

Syl Carle

You weren’t listening to the same press conference I was.

Sylvia Makk-Lainevool

Have you read PPC platform? Conservative with spirit.

Brian Dougan

Unfortunately–as expected–Mr. “One Percent” remains basically unknown, and his platform unheard. Because….The entire Canadian media party is vehemently against him. Truth, honesty, and fair play have become anathema in this forsaken country. We hear from one side, and that’s it. Moreover; it’s only going to get worse. Much worse. Free speech is on its last legs in Canada.

Glen Aldridge

So Scheer & his Liberal like Policies is your better choice? Maybe if people actually compared what they were voting for instead of the fear vote just to get Trudeau out, things would actually start to improve in Canada. As it is, since the very day he was elected Leader of The CPC, Scheer has been surrounded by questionable actions & has continually moved the party to be closer to the Liberals. No thanks. I’ll stick with the guy who has had the same platform for the past 10 years & is working to drain the Ottawa swamp from all… Read more »

Marion Leyland

Max Bernier could take enough votes away from Conservatives in Ontario that Justin Trudeau could get another chance to kick Canada into oblivion. If that happens, Canadians will never forgive him and he can wear the blame into history.


You’re projecting. You only have yourself to blame for voting for any of the globalist parties (Libs, Cons, NDP) who are intent on continuing to flood our country with non-western foreigners as per Canada’s long-standing adherence to the Kalergi Plan, aka the slow drip of our multiculturalism immigration policy. It’s you who future generation will blame for pushing Canada over the brink. Thanks in advance (not).

Syl Carle

The time to think about “splitting” the vote was before rigging the leadership results. Be colour blind when choosing who to vote for. Pay attention to the PPC platform for true conservative values. Scheer is just Trudeau lite.


What is conservative about the Conservatives? Pierre Elliot Trudeau brought in the multicultural policy and ever since then our Euro-Canadian culture has been eroded by the government of the day including the Cons. There is nothing in Scheer’s policy that is going to reverse this even though the majority of Canadians want less immigration. CPC supporters will only have themselves to blame as Canadian culture slides further away from what once was an enduring culture for well over 100 years.

Glen Aldridge

If Scheer can’t beat the most hated Prime Minister Canada has ever had based on CPC Principles & Policies wouldn’t that tell you that they are not much different than The Liberals? Do you actually know what you are getting by voting for Scheer? It was Scheer that split the Conservative vote & moved the CPC to be more Liberal like. Even Harper calls them Conservative in name only. Vote for the REAL Conservatives & traditional Canadian values, not the Panderer that tries to please every Special Interest Group including Morgane Oger & the indoctrination of children supported by Michelle… Read more »

old white guy

Of course the average Canadian could some how get a brain and actually vote all the socialists out of office and vote PPC. I will not hold my breath on that, having observed Canadian politics for over 70 years. Thinking does not seem to be a Canadians strong suit.

Clive Edwards

It’s a French plot, I tell you! A list of our federal candidates reads like the Quebec City phone book.


Not interested in traitors. No berncoats for me.


This is insane. Trudeau must go, voting for the People’s Party is a vote for Justin. If the conservative vote splits enough Trudeau will win again.

Lance Boyle

“blah blah <<>>> blah blah” The way I see it, Scheer is really no different than Trudeau. They have both drank deep of the Man-Made Global Warming Kool-Aide and are Hell-bent to tax everyone to death (look up the Technocracy Movement folks, it’s got spelled out back in the 1920’s). Climate Scientologists, both of them. I would rather try to get some People’s Party of Canada elected, yes, even at the price of having another Trudeau government, as things usually take a few election cycles to move the electorate and dovetailed politics. It is not about me, it is about… Read more »