WATCH: Doug Ford’s Speech At Ford Fest

Ford rips “media party” and “downtown insiders.”

Doug Ford slammed the establishment media and the “downtown elites” at his recent Ford Fest speech.

As I’ve written before, Ford remains more popular than other politicians like Justin Trudeau, yet the establishment press acts as if Ford is somehow the least popular person in the country.

With much of the media against him, Ford had the chance to speak to a friendly crowd of committed Ford Nation supporters, addressing real Ontarians without the media filter.

“We know that when they come at us, you are with us and that is all that matters,” said Ford. “Not the downtown insiders, not the media who criticizes us at every single step, I call them the media party.”

“You are the only ones who matter to us, you are the only ones who we answer to and that is the people of Ontario.”

With job growth surging in Ontario due to Ford’s pro-jobs agenda (even with the headwinds of Trudeau’s failing economic policies), Ford discussed his economic success:

“We have 190,000 more jobs today than we did one year ago. That’s 190,000 new paycheques, 190,000 new opportunities. We have so many new jobs in Ontario that businesses are having a hard time filling them right now.”

You can watch Ford’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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Amazing that thankfully there were no protests or the usual lefty threats stabbings or shootings there are at their divisive get together s, they did send a plane with a rude banner to fly to do flyovers but no protests thankfully so real FOR Ontario and Canada had a wonderful time.
Thank you Doug Ford and Conservatives you are doing a wonderful job for Ontario, even with our mostly LIEberal bought out media, except the Sun and our best truthful Spencer Fernando!


I like Ford and what he is trying to do. The Federal PC party is a disappointment and is going to be doing worse with our economy following the Paris accord with the carbon tax garbage. Pushing how rosy all the new investment he is going to attract…same political garbage…


That’s a great number for jobs.The problem is not many are going to the born in Canada Citizens.So many entry level jobs that university and college students used to offset tuition costs are being eaten up by trudope’s exploding immigration policies.Stop trudope before Canada is empty of the Canadian born citizens that has kept Canada strong and free.


Ford was elected to put an end to the financial bleed of taxpayers monies by the Liberal Govt. Unfortunately the party has taken the high road to slash and burn the same road Mike Harris took and look what hapoened to him. I predict Ford will be a one term premier if he continues.


I hope that Doug Ford comes to his Senses and Backtracks on all his Deep Cuts. Perhaps now that his Horrible Advisor Dean French is gone, Doug can make Good Decisions for the Citizens of Ontario. You don’t make Deep Cuts on the Most Important Necessities in Life – our Health and Education. At the same time, Don’t Destroy the Chances of the Conservatives winning the next Federal Election in October. The Liberal have already started advertising with a Video making it look like Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford are BEST FRIENDS! In the Liberal Video, Voters are told that… Read more »