BREAKING: Ontario Court Rules In Favour Of Carbon Tax

Tax is constitutional says Ontario court.

The federal carbon tax is constitutional says Ontario’s top court, rejecting the argument put forth by the Ford PC Government.

It was a split decision.

The majority of the court says the federal government has the authority to impose the tax, and that doing so is respectful of provincial jurisdiction.

It’s the second court win for the Trudeau government recently, as the Saskatchewan Court of appeal also sided with the federal government.

What this makes clear is that the courts are not the path to defeating the carbon tax. That will have to happen through the electoral process, with ensuring the defeat of the Trudeau Liberals and scrapping the highly unpopular tax through legislative repeal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Time for an Op Ed to drum up some support! LOL


Maybe Trudeau has the courts in his back pocket


Breathing tax.
Rain tax.
Flatuation(farting) tax.
Response to inquires tax.
Cloudy day tax.
Sunny day tax.
Government still has lots of taxing weapons left.

old white guy

Joe the carbon tax is a breathing tax and a faring tax.


The Courts conveniently ignore the fact that CO2 is not a pollutant.


The only path to freedom is defeating the liberals in October and reversing this tax grab. If this doesn’t motivate people then nothing will.


Our ONLY Hope Canada and Canadians have is a MAJORITY Conservative Government. Conservatives Recognize that we have a Huge Climate Problem and will Target the Large Pollution Emitters first, among other plans of attack, Without Another Tax Grab! The Corrupt Liberals obviously have the Judges and Courts in their pocket, and like the Media, they were bought out by Corruption – Trudope and his Liberal thugs. The Corrupt Liberals should either be Gone Altogether this October or Reduced to NON PARTY STATUS, like Ontario’s Corrupt Wynne Government!

William Roberts

I guess all we can do is keep it in the courts until we remove Drama Boy in October.Start an appeal and drag it out til then.

Norbert Kausen

That was a given, considering the liberals have loaded the justice system, even the Ontario courts! ford will have to keep up the fight and Ontarians should and MUST get behind him! With a divided Ontario, we are going to be walked all over by the federal Fiberals!


Time for Canadians to wake the heck up and vote this fool out. He was not ready and NEVER will be ready for the PM position. He needs to go STAT, would be nice if he left before the election but the lil one is too arrogant and narcissistic to do the right thing for Canada 🙁

Rob Gillespie

There is always the option of leaving… Vive l’Alberta Libre!