Freeland Claims “Broad International Coalition” For Canada vs China, But Offers No Tangible Results

It’s easy for countries to say they ‘support’ Canada, but that doesn’t seem to translate into anything of real substance.

At the G20, Chrystia Freeland is trying to put a brave face on Canada’s repeated humiliation and bullying at the hands of Communist China.

Speaking at the summit, Freeland said there is a “broad international coalition” supporting Canada in regards to our multiple disputes with China and the case of two Canadians being arbitrarily detained.

Freeland added, “What I think is very clear and what has been discussed publicly by us, as well as the United States, is the partnership between Canada and the United States is very strong.”

Here’s the thing:

During the escalating dispute with China, Trudeau and Freeland have failed to show strength over and over and over again. As a result, China realizes they can get away with anything. There’s so much weakness, that Trudeau now has to rely on Donald Trump to make the Canadian case to China.

And when it comes to this ‘broad coalition,’ is there any evidence it will actually do anything?

Will any of our ‘coalition allies’ denounce China on our behalf? Will any of our coalition put more tariffs on China? Will any of our ‘coalition’ ban Huawei on our behalf?


So, there’s no real ‘coalition.’

It’s just feel-good talk designed to mask the fact that Canada is seen as weak and helpless on the world stage, and that China realizes our country under the leadership of the Trudeau Liberals can be mercilessly bullied without consequence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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bob Fry

Grow some Balls Justin walk across the room with everyone watching and tell the President of China to release the two Canadian citizens, or Canada will stop all incoming goods from China , and the other Agriculture product Canada will find other countries to buy the Canola Pork, Beef. Not tariffs on Chinese products but full refusal to have China’s product into our country. Justin this would get you some respect for yourself and Canadians, the U.S.A. is our strongest relationship, and just to finish it off tell the Chinese President that Canada wouldn’t let China be part of the… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

I stop believing anything she says a long time ago. Closing time is near for her and Justine.

Clive Edwards

Everything Canada has done to raise China’s eyebrow has been at the behest of the U.S. Depending upon how you look at it, Canada is either America’s junior street thug in training or the American messenger boy. I guess China never heard the expression, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”