Global Elites Start Targeting Canada’s Natural Gas Industry

It was only a matter of time.

Canada’s natural gas industry is now being targeted by the ‘Global Energy Monitor.’

The international group is claiming that North America’s natural gas boom is “on a collision course” with the Paris Accord, according to a report by the CP.

The group says natural gas supply needs to be slashed by 15% by 2030. By 2050, they’re calling for a whopping 43% cut.

Of course, you can see where this is going.

Once again, the global elites shift the goal posts, and attack Canadian Energy.

Remember, the elites once called for natural gas use to grow, considering it ‘better’ than coal and oil.

And, many plants and factories are shifting to natural gas use, and many natural gas projects are planned in this country.

But now, the elites say natural gas is against the ‘Paris Accord’ goals, so it’s getting demonized.

First it was the coal industry that got attacked, then the oil industry, and now it’s natural gas.

Canada’s energy industry is under assault from global elites who refuse to focus on the real source of growing emissions – China and India – and instead spend all their time trying to shut down the economies of Western Nations.

That’s why we must ignore these biased supranational institutions, and instead focus on our national economic interest. And that means growing our coal, oil, and natural gas industries for the benefit of Canadian Citizens and our national prosperity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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pancake rachel corrie

when will we wake up?


I have one question to these idiots. HOW are people supposed to heat their homes, cook? Not sure how anyone in a cold country could live without heat. Maybe we should all go back to burning wood seeing as it’s a renewable resource.


It is so dam easy to manipulate and control Canada from afar.


It is as if Canada was an easy target for NWO Elite to establish their hold.
Let’s prove them wrong!
(Appreciate your work Spencer Fernando)


I agree 100%, Spencer.

Lance Boyle

Enough already with the “growing emissions” nonsense and start calling B.S. on these people. Stop buying into the very control mechanisms that the Global Elite are using to bash people over their heads with. Using their terminology and adjusting to their ever-moving goalposts is a fool’s errand and lends credence to the flawed and corrupt contensions that they are making. Carbon dioxide is not a problem and reacts to temperatures rather than the other way around. On top of that, the idea that carbon dioxide is some kind of pollutant is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has… Read more »


They wouldn’t attack China for it’s pollution as they would simply be executed. KM should have sold the pipelines to Communist China. They would all be transporting oil by now and we would have a few hundred less environmental fascist terrorists and possibly a Green Party leader.

Kerry Clark

It’s time to put these Eco-Fascists in their place!! Canada has always had a resource based economy and that will never change! On top of that, Canada is Carbon Negative which means (as most logical people already know) that our vast land mass and fresh water reserves absorbs MORE CO2 than we produce! Even if we DOUBLED our CO2 emissions it would have a positive impact on our environment! Every living blade of grass, every thing that’s green requires CO2 to live! All that greenery and our vast waterways produce oxygen which us humans need to breathe! I’m only a… Read more »


Yes i agree at a time when Canada needs a break from country breaking policies the world elites cry foul and change the rules.this infantile program is so transparent but most of the population falls for the fear play.time for real canadians to stand up & against.


Not sure how many use natural gas to heat their homes in winter but it is a lot. We are a cold northern nation that needs heat in winter. So I wonder what they propose we use to heat our homes? Wood? Oh but that will create oodles of smoke and deforestation as well. I’m with you Spencer, we must ignore this attack as a nation.

Shawn Harris

Just what Canadians want to hear, more money, lies, framing Canada as the villian , with our so called dirty natural resources; all to be used by the American funded, anti energy NGOs that have helped elect a corrupt PM and nearly shut down our oil industry. Sure enough, very soon, Trudeau will be singing the praises of the Global Energy Monitor, which is just another name the far left extreme anti energy and development socialists like to hide their evil and corrupt agenda behind. But wait for it, Trudeau will say we can’t use natural gas anymore. While we… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

Global elites have found with Trudeau as PM they can get away with bullying Canada and especially our energy sector.I say it’s time for Canada to pull out of the Paris climate accord and also the UN. We seem to be in their crosshairs and doubling down on trying to turn Canada into a welfare state. KIK them to the curb NOW! They are nothing but scaremongers and the Liberals are playing along with them and trying to kill our economy and great nation as well. Enough is enough already. Take Canada back and away from all these leftist organizations… Read more »

Timothy Hickey

The Global ELITES are pushing for a One World Government, and when they control our democracy, they will get their way!


I don’t see the globalist elites pushing President Trump around with the Paris climate accord.As I remember he told the libtards to look after their own affairs.Thats the difference between having a great love for your country and trudope’s hate for our country’s sovereignty.

Guy-Paul Roy

Rice production and farming produce the largest amount of the WORSTEST Greenhouse gases. Seems if Ya’All stops eating then all will be good. A Shaman in a Loincloth was preaching this as he danced around the Fire. Proper Fire that is. Oh, Ya I must mention a Carbon Tax and McKenna will save the Planet from Climate change?

Clive Edwards

So who are these “global elites”? Could some of them be Anglo-American-Zionists? Global bankers and the corporations they control? The OPEC Arabs? Who is actually directing the choir of Frogs in Paris and Ottawa?


Spencer Who are these global elites and the company they are employed by, to sabotages our oil and gas development. Make up a list of the companies and the top employees , how much they make a year, their pictures . ETC Put them in the SPOTLIGHT