UNPLANNED MOVIE: In Rare Display Of Corporate Courage, Cineplex Defends Free Speech Amid Radical Far-Left Liberal Criticism

Desperate radical-left Trudeau Liberals try to make people afraid of a movie.

With the Trudeau Liberals feeling the possibility of power slipping away in the upcoming election, they’re doing everything they can to try and demonize the Canadian People.

The latest effort was initiated by Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded Chief of Staff Katie Telford.

After seeing that the pro-life movie “UnPlanned” would be shown in Cineplex theatres, Telford went on a radical-left anti-free speech rant:

“This is happening, at least in part, thanks to the support received by federal Conservative politicians.

Controversial anti-abortion film Unplanned to hit more than 24 Canadian theatres (link: https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/movies/2019/07/03/controversial-anti-abortion-film-unplanned-to-hit-more-than-24-canadian-theatres.html) thestar.com/entertainment/… via

“Sure. It is a decision worth noting and wondering about when conservative politicians decide to promote it and petition on its behalf though.”

“Pointing out that federal conservative politicians promoted this 🎥 led to quite the response! Fact: conservative politicians screened this film on parliament hill
Fact: conservative politicians have been petitioning on the films behalf.
Interesting use of the word hysteria”


Telford also retweeted a New York Times writer calling the movie “propaganda”

“Federal conservative politicians should not be supporting propaganda”

That’s how the radical left Liberals look at things: Opinions they agree with are ‘facts,’ while any other opinion is ‘propaganda.’

What makes this so disturbing is that Telford and the Liberals have been pushing to crack down on social media, and are now attacking movies they disagree with.

Rare display of corporate courage

Stunningly however, rather than give in to the far-left radical attempt to stoke the twitter mob initiated by Telford, Cineplex instead took the common-sense, mainstream Canadian position of defending free speech.

Here’s how they responded on Twitter:

“<p>Hi there,</p><p><br></p><p>We understand and can appreciate the concerns some have expressed about the film. That said, we have a long legacy of not censoring content, as our role as a film exhibitor is to provide our guests with movie choices.We believe it …”

“As a film exhibitor we provide our guests with movie choices. We believe it is up to the public to decide whether they would like to see a particular film and our guests can give voice to their views and opinions by choosing to buy a ticket to the movie or not.”

This is a great, and rare stand for free speech being taken by a company. Cineplex deserves credit for respecting their customers and treating them like adults. If you don’t like a movie, don’t buy a ticket. If you do like it, then buy a ticket.

Pretty simple stuff.

The fact that the Liberals are trying to get a movie kicked out of a theatre goes to show how far outside the mainstream they have become. Instead of being a centrist party, the Liberals have turned into a radical extremist far-left party, trying to use government power and the implied threat of government power to shut down opinions they disagree with.

Very disturbing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

I salute the Cineplex for their movie,maybe now the left wing lunatics will crawl back under the rocks they came from

Major Tom

Thank you, Cineplex! Moral courage has it’s own reward…….Are the Libtards afraid of the movie….or the truth?


There seems to be no limit as to how low Liberals will go, how degenerate they will become, to attack those that don’t grovel to their twisted thinking. They are getting worse by the day. It will be a happy day for Canada and democracy when they are reduced to non-party status.

The Liberal Party of Canada, a perfect example of what is not wanted in this Country. Open and deep corruption. Trudeau promised he would not stoop to the disgusting offensive levels they are swimming in. Classic and expected Liberal culture.

Donald O'Kane

Our Federal Liberals are the most corrupt political party Canada has ever had. They spread more propaganda in one day than all the other political parties combined do in a month. They are constantly breaking their own election laws and do it with taxpayer money. For their own propaganda make them spend their party money on this BS. Don’t use taxpayer money for your own campaign. All that should be investigated and dealt with in a nonpartisan court, not these kangaroo courts that the federal Liberals have set up for their own benefit. Allow FREE SPEACH since that is the… Read more »


Exactly! It’s all about choice, you want to see the movie or you don’t. The choice is yours.
Telford and the far left extremist liberal party have changed for the worse that’s a movie we know very well.
Trudeau Gov and PMO may control the media but the public, is a different story

Clive Edwards

I am reminded of a saying related to the Sikh religion that I believe to be absolutely true, “There is only one God. His name is Truth. He will protect me always.” Obviously the Lieberals are not conversant with Truth.


So much for “choice” that the pro-abortion group is always going on about. When things don’t go their way, they continually make inflammatory comments like the one Michelle Jones (above) wrote: “People were murdered so we could choose what to do with our bodies”. Who is she talking about? The only ones I know for sure were murdered were the innocent unborn resting in their mothers’ wombs.


When does it release. I want to be first inline to buy 4 tickets. Kudos to Ciniplex. well done people. Promote common sense. ::-)

Dave Allsopp

Wow! Wow! That is pretty telling of the whole Liberal heirarchy!
“This is happening, at least in part, thanks to the support received by federal Conservative politicians.”
My reaction to that is, “and?”…”So?”
Katie Telford needs some very intense and very uncomfortable scrutiny!


if you get a chance to watch this movie do it it changes every thing you thought !!!


There are no words for this insanity. There is no freedom left – not even to save babies from being murdered. Everyone goes on about women’s rights – what about the rights of unborn babies? Personally, I believe that a woman should have the choice to choose but now, abortion has become a form of birth control-that is not right either. I hope my comments are not offending anyone but I need to speak my truth.


Good for Cineplex!


Is it being shown in Vancouver?

Cor Rand

Thank you Spencer for always telling the truth. This movie is based on truth and shows that pregnancies are not just a blob but a living baby who feels pain and during an abortion has its limbs torn off while it is still alive. Everyone should see it and know the truth, finally. Women are being lied to and many have suffered daily with guilt after the procedure. If given proper counselling most said they would not have chosen abortion.

Ken (Kulak)

My wife just read the book and she was sad at what happens in the abortion business. She called it legal murder. I also ordered the movie for my wife and daughters.

Just like the US Democrats, the Liberal Party of Canada has moved to the radical left.

old white guy

Liberals are offended that many people do not want to kill children while they are still in the womb. They are equally offended that people actually should have the freedom to say that they do not want abortion promoted as the only form of birth control. A society that is happy to kill the next generation in advance will not long survive.

Ivan Hawkes

The LIEberals attempt to manipulate our society will backfire, in my case anyway. I likely would not have had interest in this movie, but because Justin’s extremists want to push us away I WILL certainly support the production and attend. in so many ways, the LIEberals agenda is destructive to our people and our nation that I will oppose them as completely as is possible. If the LIEberals have any influence on our future their dictatorship will increase, multiple levels of control will be inflicted onto us. They can kiss my butt.

Elizabeth Thorne

Michelle Jones said: “People were murdered so the we could choose what to do with our bodies.” Killing a baby is not murder?

Left Coast

Telford in typical Trudeau fashion is displaying all the attributes of a despot wanting to control ideas & opinions that are contrary to her indoctrination in the fascist LPC.

Sharon Kerr

I haven’t been to a show in years, but because I believe in Free Speech, and my support of Pro Life, I’d be willing to spend the money in support of Cineplex and the movie, “Unplanned”. It’s long overdue for people to show they care about human life, because when they’re silent, it sends the message that few care. We need to get this published and why it’s so important to support the movie.

Rob Gillespie

I have no interest in seeing this movie, so I won’t go. Unlike Ms. Telford and the other self-righteous Lieberal elites, I recognize that doesnt’ give me some right to stop others from buying tickets to see it. And just because that moron “Under the Radar” brought up the subject, I guess I’ll pop into my local Scotiabank and tell them I support Cineplex. And maybe I’ll pop into my local Cineplex and take in a movie…