Arrogant Professor Gets Ratioed After Calling Conservatives “The Party of The Uneducated”


Canadian workers have long known that many – though not all – in academia hold millions of us in contempt.

Often, that contempt is hidden and then redirected into policies like the carbon tax that attempt to use fear and deception to steal more and more of our taxpayer dollars and put it in the hands of the elites.

But sometimes, it sneaks out, as we can see in the arrogant tweet below from professor Amir Attaran of the University of Ottawa.

“Conservatives have a strong lead among those who have not attended college or university, while the Liberals have a lead among those with university education.”

The party of the uneducated.  Every poll says this.”

Of course, it’s absurd to call someone “uneducated” just because they didn’t go to college or university. There are many forms of education, and real-life experience is one of the best examples of it. In fact, in many instances, the so-called ‘education’ at many universities is now far-left, anti-Canadian propaganda indoctrination – the exact opposite of actual education.

The Tweet shows massive arrogance by Attaran, and it’s the kind of arrogance we see from many elites. While Canada could function just fine – and would probably do better in many cases – without many of the radical left ‘professors’ at some universities, our country would collapse without the kind of people Attaran looks down on, the kind of people who actually do real jobs for our country.

Unsurprisingly, Attaran got totally ratioed on Twitter following his arrogant outburst:

Look at that: 2.4 thousand replies, just 248 retweets.

Brutally ratioed.

And that ratio is because of the total arrogance and contempt being shown by Attaran.

Amazingly, Attaran didn’t get the message, and kept doubling down:

“UPDATE: Hundreds of Conservative trolls are irked by my tweet. They seem not to notice the long QUOTATION from a pollster whose data show that Cons are, comparatively, less educated. If you don’t like the data, shooting the messenger doesn’t change anything.”

Attaran is now getting totally ratioed on his attempts to defend the original Tweet, and Matt Gurney pointed out a big reason why it’s not going so well:

“First, see his original tweet and his defence in combination. He’s claiming people are mad at the quote. Don’t shoot the messenger and all that. But the very well educated gentleman has SOMEHOW overlooked that along with the (unremarkable) quote, he added his own commentary.”

“The party of the uneducated.” His words. He may like to hide behind a quote — just a messenger, guys! — but that’s dishonest. He added his own words.

And let’s take a closer look at those!”

Also, quoting an Abacus poll is somewhat dubious, especially when making such an arrogantly aggressive point.

Notably, the Chairmen of Abacus is the stepfather of Kate Purchase, who works high up in the Trudeau PMO as Director of Communications.

Attaran has made one thing abundantly clear: Academia and the elites look on most Canadians with total contempt, and that contempt is yet another of many reasons why the Liberals are totally unfit to govern our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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