Justin Trudeau Is “Good For China, But Bad For Canada” Says Scheer

Why hasn’t Trudeau disavowed John McCallum’s blatant push for Communist China to interfere in our elections?

Justin Trudeau has had lots of time to make a clear statement disavowing John McCallum’s highly disturbing comments in which the former Liberal Ambassador to China called for the Communist state to interfere in our elections.

Trudeau still hasn’t done it.

While Chrystia Freeland issued some tepid remarks, Canadians need to hear directly from Trudeau a strong disavowal of McCallum’s comments.

So far, Trudeau has failed to make that statement.

And now, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is slamming Trudeau:

“Justin Trudeau *still* has not disavowed John McCallum’s invitation for the Chinese government to interfere in the upcoming election. The only conclusion to come to is that electing Justin Trudeau would be good for China, but bad for Canada.”

Scheer issued a similar message in a previous Tweet:

“So the message to the Chinese government from this senior Liberal is to help re-elect the Liberals so the Liberals can continue to go soft on them. Conclusion = Trudeau is good for China but bad for Canadians.”

The fact is that Scheer is correct, Trudeau is great for Communist China, and bad for the Canadian People. Trudeau’s weakness is putting Canadian lives at risk, inviting further challenge and disrespect towards our nation, and is giving China the chance to beat up on a Western country without consequence to send a message to everyone else.

Trudeau’s screwed-up admiration for Communist China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ is clearly still intact, and that’s part of the reason Trudeau is so totally unable to stand up for our country.

Spencer Fernando

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