WATCH: Why Canada Could Break Apart If Trudeau Gets Back Into Office

The stakes for the next election could not be higher.

We know that much is at stake in the upcoming election.

With Canada more divided than ever before, and with Separatist sentiment rising in Western Canada because of Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policies, the stability and even future survival of our country could be on the line.

Notably, the Trudeau Liberals have doing everything possible to rig the system in their favour, by putting restrictions on social media ads that make it tougher for the Conservatives to utilize their financial advantage, and even threatening to shut down social media if the networks don’t do what the Trudeau government demands.

Trudeau also pushed forward with C-48 and C-69, despite repeated warnings from Canadian Premiers that the legislation would put national unity in jeopardy. Trudeau ignored those warnings, and as a result, separatist sentiment continues to rise.

And we can’t forget that Trudeau is buying off the establishment media with a $600 MILLION media bailout, designed to control coverage, demonize Conservatives, and rig the press in his favour.

That raises the possibility that Trudeau – perhaps aided by foreign funding and interference by China – could narrowly get back into power, even as his support collapses in Western Canada.

Such a scenario would be devastating for the nation, and could even lead to the break-up of our nation.

In the video below from Canada Proud, watch why Trudeau being re-elected would could cause Canada to separate:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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