WATCH: Why Canada Could Break Apart If Trudeau Gets Back Into Office

The stakes for the next election could not be higher.

We know that much is at stake in the upcoming election.

With Canada more divided than ever before, and with Separatist sentiment rising in Western Canada because of Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policies, the stability and even future survival of our country could be on the line.

Notably, the Trudeau Liberals have doing everything possible to rig the system in their favour, by putting restrictions on social media ads that make it tougher for the Conservatives to utilize their financial advantage, and even threatening to shut down social media if the networks don’t do what the Trudeau government demands.

Trudeau also pushed forward with C-48 and C-69, despite repeated warnings from Canadian Premiers that the legislation would put national unity in jeopardy. Trudeau ignored those warnings, and as a result, separatist sentiment continues to rise.

And we can’t forget that Trudeau is buying off the establishment media with a $600 MILLION media bailout, designed to control coverage, demonize Conservatives, and rig the press in his favour.

That raises the possibility that Trudeau – perhaps aided by foreign funding and interference by China – could narrowly get back into power, even as his support collapses in Western Canada.

Such a scenario would be devastating for the nation, and could even lead to the break-up of our nation.

In the video below from Canada Proud, watch why Trudeau being re-elected would could cause Canada to separate:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the anti-Conservative bias in the media reaching unprecedented levels, Canada needs independent voices like Spencer Fernando now more than ever. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Don Taylor

I have been in Canada for 80 years and Trudeau is the worst PM Canada has ever had,it is hard to stomach such such a lying fool


To top it all off…All the current Premiers are men!
How dare there be no women Premiers…
Makes Trudeau look bad on the world stage.


Ontario is so lucky to have a MAN like Doug Ford, best person for the job, cleaning up after gender neutral lib government. LOL


Ford has an impossible job, trying to salvage a Province after the deliberate Liberal destruction. I think he is going to fail.


I am not a Trudeau fan, but I do have to say, as a woman, I would hope premiers etc. should be there because they are the best for the job, not because they are women. Trudeau bragged about all the women he chose for cabinet posts. My opinion, there were some men who would be doing a better job.


Not why it could break but rather why it SHOULD break up. All Alberta & the west is to ottawa & the east is a source of revenue for vote buying.

Norbert Kausen

Perhaps it is about time for Canada to be dismantled and the provinces to go their own separate ways! Canada has never been divided as it is now and Canada has never had a disgraceful “wannabe” dictator, who is determined to destroy Canada, like no politician in the history of Canada has ever tried to do! The Trudeau government is the most corrupt, inept, criminal government in the entire history of Canada! Canada CANNOT afford to have another term of Trudeau and his gang of henchmen… errrrr… ahhhhh… ummmmm… ahhhhh… “henchpeoplekind”…

alan skelhorne

if the separation occurs, you can count on a revolution, just what George soros told his puppet what would happen.

don morris

Much as I like the message from”Canada Proud”, I don’t believe another term with Trudeau at the helm will break up Canada. Talking to dozens of ordinary folks every week,I have never heard of any sentiment to break up Canada. It’s only on a few conservative blogs where it’s even mentioned. Some of us get caught up in the echo chamber factor and begin to believe it’s a common desire for most, it isn’t. Canada is a liberal country, with a populace that has been educated to trust in authority,so though many Canadians may believe we are going through a… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Try selling your message to the five premieres, who sent a very clear message that Trudeau risks breaking up Canada, risks sending our economy into a recession with policies that specifically punish only western oil producing provinces. Try telling that same message to the more than 200,000 out of work oil workers in Alberta. Anecdotal evidence doesn’t stand up against the very real and tangible evidence Canadians are seeing, hearing and experiencing in their daily lives, especially those most affected by Trudeau’s destructive policies. Trudeau has a very intense hate on for Canada hidden by that fake feminist persona and… Read more »


I live in saskatchewan and I hear normally very quiet people saying that if he gets back in we must separate. the hate for him is running very deep.

Mark Kilpatrick

Maybe you should visit a few places in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Also north and eastern BC


We should start looking for a leader or leaders, our premiers maybe to lead us all since this election is looking fixed, but I hope Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the North West Territories all join together if this election falls to this anti Canadian puppet dictator, we will kick their bought out press out of our new country. Unfortunately if we cannot get rid of these radicals in an honest fair election we must protect our selves. Since we know what happens when this (kleptocracy-taking our money for themselves) fake lying government gets us all divided up to collapse… Read more »


Post nation state he said…. The Balkanization of Canada… We should be a Global superpower but the Laurentians bleed us dry. I’m convinced separation -divide/conquer is absolutely his plan to maintain Hegemony.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is by far the worst PM Canada has ever had, bar none.Trudeau proudly says diversity is our strength, yet he is working very hard to diversify Canada and Canadians into 13 separate countries,while failing to unify and strengthen Canada. Trudeau talks about promoting and supporting businesses across Canada while doing everything he can to under mine ,phase them out and send loud and clear messages to investors, Canada is closed for business. Trudeau would rather rule Canadians by pitting Canadians against each other than by finding common ground with each and every one of us. Trudeau sees us all,… Read more »

William Jones

That clip needs only one word — ‘EXCELLENT.’ — timely, well done, pertinent and true.


If the Liberals win, waych for Trudeau to close down the military bases at Cold Lake, Edmonton and Wainright. He is scared of Western Canadians and will remove the military to defend him and Quebec from Canadians, leaving Western Canadians to arm ourselves.

Trudeau and his Liberals are very dangerous.