Anger & Pessimism: New Survey Shows Public Opinion Heavily Negative Toward Trudeau Government

The number of Canadians expressing anger & pessimism far outweighs those who express positive views of the government.

A new Nanos Survey shows Canadian public opinion remains heavily negative towards the Liberals, with the number of Canadians expressing either pessimism or anger towards the government is about twice as big as those who express ‘satisfaction’ or ‘optimism.’

Here are the key numbers:

23% say ‘anger’ best sums up their feelings towards the Trudeau Liberal government.

30% pick ‘pessimism.’

10% pick ‘disinterest.’

15% pick ‘satisfaction.’

15% pick ‘optimism.’

7% say they are ‘unsure.’

So, 30% express somewhat positive feelings, while 53% express negative feelings.

Those are bad numbers for a government heading into an election campaign, and it once again shows why the Liberals have nothing but fear, lies, and negativity left.

After nearly 4 years in power, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to win the support of enough Canadians to win on their own merits, so tearing down others is their last desperate effort to remain in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube