Anger & Pessimism: New Survey Shows Public Opinion Heavily Negative Toward Trudeau Government

The number of Canadians expressing anger & pessimism far outweighs those who express positive views of the government.

A new Nanos Survey shows Canadian public opinion remains heavily negative towards the Liberals, with the number of Canadians expressing either pessimism or anger towards the government is about twice as big as those who express ‘satisfaction’ or ‘optimism.’

Here are the key numbers:

23% say ‘anger’ best sums up their feelings towards the Trudeau Liberal government.

30% pick ‘pessimism.’

10% pick ‘disinterest.’

15% pick ‘satisfaction.’

15% pick ‘optimism.’

7% say they are ‘unsure.’

So, 30% express somewhat positive feelings, while 53% express negative feelings.

Those are bad numbers for a government heading into an election campaign, and it once again shows why the Liberals have nothing but fear, lies, and negativity left.

After nearly 4 years in power, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to win the support of enough Canadians to win on their own merits, so tearing down others is their last desperate effort to remain in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

This Turdeau govt is probably the worst govt in Canadian history


The desperate libs will further reveal their nature as election day approaches. Non party status people. It is our civic duty.


The Liberals have no one but themselves to blame.

Ruth Bard

Hard to believe 30% are still positive. Don’t forget 39% got these crooks a majority last time. Seems a lot of people have their heads in the sand…or somewhere.

old white guy

Unfortunately only 4 % more is necessary to win an election in Canada. Will Canadians show that they are that stupid once again or will they be even dumber and vote NDP? Knowing just how Canadians expect to take things from those who produce and give it to those who produce nothing I will not hold my breath waiting for sanity to break out.

Thomas Tass

The policies of today’s Liberal Party and its Divider In Chief (DIC) are the main reasons why so many voters of all genders, races and ethnicity dislike them intensely.

Arlene Schneider

Trujoke is do pathetic but he doesn’t know that.

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine has 87 more days until NO PARTY STATUS.

Gerri Page

Then he can go back to teaching drama since he is so good at it.


This Liberal Goverment under trud
Is the worst thing that could ever of happen in this Country, this Country and Canadians we’ll suffer for years to
Come, our Allies now worry about our immigrant invasion, SAD


If he has his way, the only attack ads that get shown are those against Scheer.

Shawn Harris

It is said you reap what you sow and Trudeau is now reaping his crop of anger, hatred and citizens wanting to see him gone from office for good. Trudeau , the more he lies,blames, demonises and treats Canadians with contempt, the more he fuels the anger of everyone, even some Liberals. Election day can’t come soon enough; it will be a great relief to see him defeated.

Koach Kal