Freeland Finally Gets Meeting ‘On The Margins’ With Chinese Foreign Minister, Zero Progress On Freeing Canadians

“We had an exchange of views on issues of importance to both of our countries,” says Freeland.

After months and months of being ignored and rebuffed, foreign affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland finally got a meeting with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi.

Yet, it wasn’t even a serious meeting, since it happened ‘on the margins’ of the ASEAN meeting in Thailand.

And that’s not my wording, that’s what the government itself said in press release:

“On the margins of the 52nd ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, held a bilateral meeting with her counterpart from China, His Excellency Wang Yi.

The two had a frank exchange of views. They discussed the importance of the bilateral relationship between Canada and China and underscored the deep and long-standing ties between the people of Canada and China.

Minister Freeland expressed Canada’s ongoing concerns regarding Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who have been arbitrarily detained by China.

Minister Wang expressed China’s concerns regarding the extradition of Meng Wanzhou.

The two Ministers committed to continuing discussions between their two countries.”

That’s a long way of saying “ZERO progress towards freeing the Canadians jailed by the Communist State.”

After reports of the meeting, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the inaction from the Liberals:

“They have not taken any action whatsoever. They still haven’t taken the step of appointing an ambassador. Something that should be very, very straightforward for this government. They have not filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization for China’s actions against our canola, beef and pork exports. So you’ll pardon me if I’m not about to congratulate the minister of foreign affairs for taking a very basic step here. There’s far more they should have been doing much, much earlier.”

We’re now at the point where the Trudeau Liberals can’t get a real meeting with China, can’t get any progress in their ‘on the margins’ meeting, and are still giving tons of our taxpayer dollars to China even as the Communist State treats us like garbage.

Canada’s back!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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SO absolutely PATHETIC. You can bet if the detained Canadians were Freeland family members, or even friends of Freeland, Trudope or any other Lieberal cabinet minister there would be MEANINGFUL ACTION coming from Ottawa. What a pathetic government we have!!


They just full of themselves.Chinese are not even taking notice of them.Maybe they will learn sometimes after we lose our Canada to foreign powers.


He is wearing a suit and she is wearing a T shirt again ! She still has not learned the game . Details matter to.


She is not formaly dressed PM’s teachings he went to India making clown of himself.Look at the Americans always formally dressed suit and tie.Suit and tie this how we should be dressed especialy when we are representing Canada.

Eric Blair

My God… that same white dress again. Can’t Freeland dress in an more appropriate manner! Is she not paid enough to afford a change of outfits. Surely, some of Sophie’s no longer wanted outfits could be let-out and shortened to fit Freeland.

Brian Dougan

What meeting? She gave his shoes a spit shine, and he left.

Big Priest'

The Canadian government is an embarrassment, China would not be in a position of rebuffing any negotiations if this was the government within the United States Of America.

The homeland has too many options on the table, and has the leverage to make China realize that their imports will be stopped from entering the Republic, and or heavily taxed.

Chrystia Freeland is a fraud, and should be forced to stay in her office, and not show her face anywhere around the world.

The Canadian government has NO power, and is not taken seriously anywhere around the world.

Clive Edwards

Thank God she didn’t thank the Chinese for building the Canadian Pacific Railroad – the original “One Belt, One Road”. Or mention that Canada legalized marijuana, so when are the Chinese going to legalize opium? Or any of the other historical reasons China might have for dissing Canada as a member of the “five eyes and fifty fingers”. Then there is the real reason no one brought up – the arrest of a Chinese national in Vancouver in order to kowtow to the Americans. I hear Freeland went because they couldn’t trust Turdo not to wear silk robes and a… Read more »

Brian Dougan

We’ll see how gender balancing intersects with the Chinese dictatorship. Hugs and kisses; big emojis for everyone. I notice Freeloader wasn’t wearing a T-shirt. Guess that’s a good start. Sarcasm aside; I hope that she said something of value. I won’t get my hopes up. Does anyone to the right of center not think that our former prime minister would have had these men home a long time ago? I guess Trudope’s motto is “out of sight; out of mind.” How could anyone with any sense of decency choose to ignore these men? In a Chinese prison. Trudeau; you don’t… Read more »

Brian Dougan

My bad! Freeloader was wearing a T-Shirt.