13 People Shot In Toronto Over The Weekend

Police say there were 11 separate shootings.

While our neighbours to the south are reeling in the aftermath of two horrific mass shootings, there has been some serious violence here at home as well.

According to Toronto Police, 13 people were shot over the weekend, in 11 separate shootings.

The most serious shooting was at a nightclub on Finch and Keele, in which 1 person suffered life-threatening injuries, and 5 people were shot in total.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders held a press conference to discuss the shooting surge:

As usual, Toronto Mayor John Tory talked about gun bans in response to the surge in crime in the city he leads:

Of course, as we’ve seen over and over again, when Liberal politicians face gun crime in urban areas, they usually respond with policies that take firearms away from law-abiding gun owners in rural areas, which not only fails to address the actual problem of urban gang crime, but also criminalizes law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, we can expect Liberal politicians to try and politicize the shooting surge in Toronto in an effort to score political points.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

It ALL sounds like gang-related crime, likely territorial battles for drug turfs, etc.

Margaret Smith

I have to agree with your statement Norbert. Most gun violence I believe is gang related. The amount of crime is unacceptable but I believe a ban on guns will do little to stop the illegal procession of firearms. Firearms are confiscated all the time but people seem to have no problem buying another weapon on the black market. It is the innocent people caught in the crossfire that are the victims.

alan skelhorne

don,t give up your weapons people. read history on this subject.


What weapons? I lost all mine when the canoe tipped over in the lake. Honest.


Those shootings have nothing to do with legal gun owners.


How is it politics attacks people with no common sense. Torie marches on with his rhetoric re banning hand guns. My question to him and of course he will have no answer is this. What percentage of hand guns used for crime are registered in the criminals name or any name. Criminals do not register their hand guns as they are purchased from other criminals. Stupid just breeds stupid.

Kelley Lancaster

Aren’t gun illegal in Canada ?

Elizabeth Thorne

Tory needs to demand the gangs and illegals must give up their guns immediately.


just more gang violence….if they had knives they would stab each other…murder and attempted murder are BANNED in Canada..how is that working out crybabies?

don morris

If Mayor Tory actually DOES believe that a handgun ban will do anything to alleviate his crime gang problem, he is too damned stupid and delusional to continue in Office.
“I remain firmly of the belief that a handgun ban will help us address the gun violence we are experiencing in our city and the surrounding region.”

Political rhetoric or is he actually that bloody stupid? I don’t know the man,so will leave it to those who are more familiar with him to make that judgement.

Big Priest'

Wait, what?

I thought that archaic gun control was effective in this country?


Wait I’m lost…how does a gun ban in Toronto affect rural gun owners? This seems like a law that specifically solves the problem you have with guns needing different rules in rural and urban areas?


How many of these firearms were under the control of licensed PAL holders, and how many were illegally owned? Banning guns in Toronto WILL NOT deter the illegal arms holders!

Elaine Finn

Typical John Tory & Libs in general wanting to ban guns & take away rights from law abiding, legal owning gun people. Tell us Mr Tory, how will you stop criminals & gangs from procurement of these guns?? Go after them, & stop this virtue signaling.


When will John Tory get in his head that illegal gun owners are the ones who do all those shootings.

Major Tom

What is not mentioned is that the weapons used were smuggled or stolen…and the suspects are either gang members…..illegal aliens or both……The narrative is always leaning towards disarming the law abiding by using the actions of the lawless for justification……The propaganda machine at work!