13 People Shot In Toronto Over The Weekend

Police say there were 11 separate shootings.

While our neighbours to the south are reeling in the aftermath of two horrific mass shootings, there has been some serious violence here at home as well.

According to Toronto Police, 13 people were shot over the weekend, in 11 separate shootings.

The most serious shooting was at a nightclub on Finch and Keele, in which 1 person suffered life-threatening injuries, and 5 people were shot in total.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders held a press conference to discuss the shooting surge:

As usual, Toronto Mayor John Tory talked about gun bans in response to the surge in crime in the city he leads:

Of course, as we’ve seen over and over again, when Liberal politicians face gun crime in urban areas, they usually respond with policies that take firearms away from law-abiding gun owners in rural areas, which not only fails to address the actual problem of urban gang crime, but also criminalizes law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, we can expect Liberal politicians to try and politicize the shooting surge in Toronto in an effort to score political points.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube