As Details Emerge, Crazy Racist Woman Rant Looks More And More Like A Hoax

From a far too ‘convenient’ Scheer sign, to a scrubbing of social media profiles leaving only two days of posts on Facebook and YouTube, this all seems like scam.

The rant and arrest seem real.

But everything else seems like a hoax.

That’s the emerging reaction following a video shared by many including BlogTO, showing a woman identified as Talya (Talia) Davidson going on a racist rant while holding a “Vote Andrew Scheer” sign.

As I said yesterday “After all the hoaxes, who really believes this is what it seems?”

Her facebook page had just two days worth of posts, and the posts seemed like a leftist trying too hard to sound like a far-right conservative.

Also, as revealed by The Post Millennial, it turns out that Davidson seems far more connected to left-wing type causes:

“Davidson’s sentiments on her Facebook profile are very different from those The Post Millennial was able to uncover.

It would seem that Davidson had a rather long history of left-leaning views and pro-diversity views while only 24 hours of bizarre bigotry, racism, and “support” for the Conservative Party.

Among her uncovered history included a comment on a Now Toronto article decrying Islamophobia and comparing bras to hijabs, as well as a recent event planned in an Ethiopian restaurant, planned by comedian and former McGuinty speech writer Carolyn Bennett.

Looking deeper, we also found on the home-share site Couchsurfing where Davidson had a profile, she claimed she was a member of the Anarcho-Syndicalism / Anarchism / Libertarian Socialism group.”

Notably, BlogTO, who helped facilitate the spread of the video, had done a profile that appears to have included Davidson in July of this year:

“Talia Davidson is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. She was born in South Africa and studied archaeology at the University of Guelph and British Colombia. She was a journalist in Guadalajara, a weed trimmer in California, a wildlife worker in the Yukon, and owned a Venezuelan restaurant in Toronto. She now lives in Leslieville with her tortoiseshell cat, Chula”

Additionally, TPM revealed that a Conservative source says the woman in the video “has never been a member” of the Party.

So, what we have here appears to be yet another hoax, designed to play on people’s immediate emotions, bypass logic filters, and spread like wildfire.

However, it clearly has not gone as planned, as it was greeted with immediate and widespread skepticism, and began to break down upon even minor scrutiny.

While this may have been just the unhinged idea of one person, it points to an increasing desperation to falsely paint Conservatives as racists, and when there’s no evidence to ‘justify’ that demonization, to just make stuff up.

We all need to be vigilant in defending the truth, pushing back against manipulation, and ensuring that hoaxes are revealed for what they are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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