VINDICATION: Read Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Statement Following Damning Ethics Commissioner Report On Trudeau

“The report reminds us that we must all remain vigilant.”

Jody Wilson-Raybould has issued a statement on the Ethics Commissioner report that totally vindicates her and reveals that Justin Trudeau and his cronies have been lying the entire time.

Her statement can be read below:

“I welcome the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner’s Trudeau II Report issued today.

I am grateful for Commissioner Mario Dion’s thorough report. It represents a vindication of the independent role of the attorney general and of the director of public prosecutions in criminal prosecutions — and reinforces for Canadians how essential it is to our democracy to uphold the rule of law and prosecutorial independence. The report confirms critical facts, consistent with what I shared with all Canadians, and affirms the position I have taken from the outset. The commissioner was not distracted by inaccurate information about the events or about me personally — and drew conclusions based on the true facts of what occurred.

I also have feelings of sadness. In a country as great as Canada, essential values and principles that are the foundation for our freedoms and system of government should be actively upheld by all, especially those in positions of public trust. We should not struggle to do this; and we should not struggle to acknowledge when we have acted in ways that do not meet these standards. I am also concerned by the government’s decision to deny even its ethics commissioner requested access to cabinet confidences, as there were apparently contraints on a number of witnesses from telling the whole story. The commissioner is correct in saying that decisions affecting his work should be made ‘transparently and democratically, not by the very same public officer holders who are subject to the regime he administers.’

The report reminds us that we must all remain vigilant. Personally, I remain committed to doing politics differently and engaging in important discussions in a way that honours what is best about Canada, to work across party lines and to continue to do the best job I can as the independent member of Parliament for Vancouver-Granville. There remains more work to be done.”


Spencer Fernando

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Donald O'Kane

I agree there IS a lot of work to do. Beginning with voteing Trudeau OUT of office and every MP that voted to veto all the investigations that have been shut down. These Liberal MP’s have enabled everything that Trudeau has done to hurt our Country from SNC Lavalin to all the donations he has made to terrorist funding groups. Every one of these liberal MP’s have colluded in all of these dealings and should ALL be Investigated.


We have in the Windsor area a potential liberal candidate, Sandra Pupatella, who in all cases could possibly take a seat in the federal house, especially with her straight no-nonsence service as a provincial MPP. Her and people like Jody Wilson could really truly do something under the “liberal flag”. I might even consider the liberal vote, however as long as they have that “nit-wit” Trudeau and the rest of his cabinet at the helm, I am sorry to say I will stay away


Allan, We have to Stay Away from ALL Liberal Candidates. Not even one should be Voted In after what they have done to this Once Great Country!

William Jones

She sounds (and I believe she is) so sincere, it is hard to realize that she is, after all, a Liberal — unfortunately.