WATCH: Andrew Scheer Speaks Following Ethics Commissioner Report Finding Trudeau Guilty

Trudeau guilty of violating ethics laws.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is speaking following the Ethics Commissioner Report finding Trudeau guilty of violating federal ethics laws.

Earlier, Scheer Tweeted about it:

“Justin Trudeau said he would be accountable and ethical. Instead he used the power of his office to reward his supporters and punish his critics. He is now the only PM in history to be found guilty of breaking federal ethics law not once, but twice. Trudeau is not as advertised.”

Scheer spoke about it at a press conference in Regina. You can watch his remarks below:

I’m responding to today’s breaking news that Justin Trudeau has been once again been found guilty of breaking federal ethics laws, this time for the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal. Trudeau promised he would be open and honest. Instead, on the day the scandal broke in the Globe and Mail, he said it was false – and he spent the next two months repeatedly misleading Canadians. We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Justin Trudeau is not as advertised.–Je commente la nouvelle d’aujourd’hui selon laquelle Justin Trudeau est de nouveau reconnu coupable d’infraction aux lois fédérales sur l’éthique, cette fois pour le scandale de corruption SNC-Lavalin. Trudeau avait promis d’être ouvert et honnête, mais le jour où le scandale a éclaté dans le Globe and Mail, il a dit que c’était faux. Pendant deux mois, il a trompé les Canadiens. Nous savons maintenant sans l’ombre d’un doute que Justin Trudeau n’est pas celui qu’il prétendait être.

Posted by Andrew Scheer on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Spencer Fernando

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Eric Blair

Not as advertised by the Liberals but as advertised by the Conservatives back in 2015.


Scheer gave away the opportunity to demand Trudeau’s resignation.

Randy Lawrence

We don’t want criminally gained jobs!
If the prime minister has no respect for Canadian laws, why should we, or anyone else for that matter?
Should drug dealers get a pass as long as they’re making a living? Maybe in Trudeau’s Canada?

He should be in prison, not in the PMO!

God save us!

Richard Courtemanche

The coming October elections are no joke. The results will affect the future of this country unlike any time in history. Therefore, voting and voting right will matter greatly to determine if traditional and peaceful Canada continues to exist. We are truly at a crossroad election for Canada. Our future as a sovereign state is at stake. This is not hyperbolic. The October vote is either for Canada, or for the UN Agenda; it is either defence of the Canadian people and their right to decide on who enters Canada and who does not, or for the UN to insist… Read more »


Welcome to Spencer’s site.

Richard, we need to hear more from you. Common sense and great analysis easily understood by the average Canadian.

Peter Gill

As I’m a Conservative I support Sheer, yet can’t help but feel this speech is yet another example of how lame he is as a leader. Mulcair, Harper, Mulroney et al would have done a FAR better job of presenting this issue. We’re going to lose the next election, Shiny Pony is going to win a minority with either the NDP (shades of Trudeau pere & the NDP in 1972) or the Greens because the Conservative leader is a wimp with no presence whatsoever. We’re going to get killed in the debates.


Arrest him and his party.