VIDEO: Trudeau’s Repeated Lies Exposed

Ethics Commissioner Report shows Trudeau has been lying the entire time.

A video shared by the Conservative Party of Canada shows the repeated lies made by Justin Trudeau during the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

The video does nothing but use Trudeau’s own words, and lines from the Ethics Commissioner Report.

As you can see, Trudeau has been lying over and over and over again, and those lies have been exposed.

You can watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Leo Frey

Lol…in Trudeaus own words “you can’t be lieing to Canadians”. The funny thing is he was talking about conservatives all the while he knowingly and continually lied to Canadians. Hopefully eastern Canada is smarter this time around. If not rest assured separation will be front and center for Alberta and Saskatchewan. B.C. will then be an island to it self.

Major Tom

“The smooth talk oozes from his lips like barrels of molasses…..If all he said was true….he could buy and sell Onassis…” MAD!

Ralph Knapp

Sometime ago, I asked the question, “How do you know when Trudeau is lying?” My answer was, ” You know he’s lying when his lips are moving.” Apparently, my statement wasn’t a lie.


Trudeau’s justification to interfere in the SNC issue was to say he did it to protect Canadian jobs and that is what he does as PM. They it must also be his job to lie to all Canadians, call his former A.G. a liar, fire her from her job, kick her out of caucus and throw her under the bus. We can not have a PM that acts this way.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau must resign now, not later. And if there is any real justice left in Canada, then Trudeau will soon learn exactly what it is like to live in a jail cell. The RCMP now have no excuses left for not charging Trudeau. They must immediately charge Trudeau with obstruction of justice, for the evidence is beyond denial anymore: TRUDEAU IS GUILTY AND MUST GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.

Robert Anes

He should RESIGN but does not have the brains to see that.

William Jones

AND?? Truly, for anyone who can still think independently, what did we expect? This removes the incentive for ‘loyal’ Liberals to keep attempting to believe their ‘leader’ is what he says he is.