CONTRAST: Stephen Harper Wouldn’t Give SNC-Lavalin Escape From Prosecution, But It Looks Like Justin Trudeau Was Happy To Oblige

It’s easy to say ‘all politicians are the same,’ and sometimes there is truth too that, but there are also some real differences.

“SNC-Lavalin tried to get a deal from Stephen Harper, failed. Tried to get a deal from Justin Trudeau. Succeeded.”

That’s what journalist John Ibbitson said over the weekend, in a clip that shows the contrast between how the Harper Government and the Trudeau Government dealt with SNC-Lavalin:

“SNC-Lavalin tried to make a deal with the Harper government, but got nowhere. So they decided to wait for the Trudeau Liberals to take power … #elxn43 via @JohnIbbitson”

Conservative MP Harold Albrecht commented:

“Journalist @JohnIbbitson makes a good point here.

SNC Lavalin approached our previous Conservative Government to help them find a way out of their prosecution, but they got nowhere.

Once Justin Trudeau was elected, they were in his office within weeks and got what they wanted”

People often say that “all politicians are the same,” and there is certainly some truth to that. However, as we can see in the handling of SNC-Lavalin, there are some big differences.

SNC-Lavalin wanted to use their influence over the government in order to escape potential prosecution for their wrongdoings. The Conservatives refused to be influenced, while the Liberals under Justin Trudeau went to extreme lengths to do the bidding of SNC-Lavalin.

The Liberals brought in a new Deferred Prosecution law, tried to pressure former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould into overruling the Director of Public Prosecutions after she had decided to go forward with the case against the company, and then lied about it.

That is a big contrast, and it’s something Canadians need to know about.

In a world where massive corporations already have too much power, the Liberals are totally beholden to the corporate elites, rather than the Canadian People, and there’s no reason to think that will change. By contrast, the Conservatives – at least on SNC-Lavalin – have proven that there is a line they won’t cross to serve corporate power, and that is worth noting.

Spencer Fernando


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Trudeau thinks he’s Peter Pan and Canada is Never Never Land where he can do what he wants and he never has to grow up.


Just think how much better Canada would be if The “Real” Right Honorable Stephen Harper was still in office, we would have our prosperity, less debt, pipelines across Canada and to the coasts, more efficient less government, freedom of speech, truth (except from the left and their media) better law and order, no problems with the immigration (now a fiasco), truly respected and accepted in the world, better trade deals, less corruption, no Carbon tax, a truly better environment because he and the Conservatives can see the difference in a real plan, Canada would be united and things would be… Read more »


I think there are broader issues in these cases that are, where some are or seem to be connected..Harper took Bill Elliott who had been Mulroney’s Dep PM and made him the boss of the RCMP. Then what happened? The matter is much deeper….


Please note my previous comment, amend to say, it should note, Elliott who was the Chief of Staff with the Dep PM thank you.

Norm Morrell

Harper would have done the same thing if he had many seats. Put it in Alberta and see the goodies he would have given them.
Let’s not try to deceive us peasants.
Norm Morrell

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau believes that saving SNC Lavalin jobs at any cost is a good and virtuous thing; even though he has tried to subvert our justice system to the needs of SNC Lavalin, corrupt our parliamentary system, and use our tax dollars to save SNC lavalin jobs. Trudeau’s thoughts, beliefs and actions are a cost far too high for Canadians to pay. When it comes to honesty, integrity, and honouring Canada, Canadians and our democracy, Stephen Harper is head and shoulders above Justin Trudeau and his criminally corrupt ways. Trudeau sees parliament and our judiciary as a tool to serve… Read more »


Some of us remember the real scandal, when then-prime minister Stephen Harper agreed to sell the reactor division of the country’s billion-dollar crown corporation, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., to the private firm SNC-Lavalin Inc. Canadian taxpayers weren’t guaranteed any money from that sale. SNC-Lavalin gave the Harper government $15 million and the Harper government gave SNC-Lavalin $75 million. Canadian taxpayers ended up paying $60 million for the privilege of no longer owning that chunk of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., while SNC- Lavalin got the lion’s share of the nuclear technology company’s $1.1 billion worth of assets — including… Read more »