Ojibway Elder Slams Trudeau Government At Funding Announcement

Liberal government announcement didn’t go as planned.

During a funding announcement by the Liberal government, Ojibway Elder Garry Sault slammed the Trudeau Liberals for a lack of consultion.

According to Global News, “Ojibway elder Garry Sault from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation began the funding announcement with a traditional land acknowledgement but then used the opportunity to take a dig at the federal Liberals over an apparent lack of consultation regarding the future home of an education and welcome centre at the Rouge National Urban Park located in Scarborough.”

Sault told reporters, “When it comes time to have the negotiations here, they should have their elders. Our people don’t even know what you’re doing here. They haven’t informed us. And that makes me angry inside of my heart.”

Sault also brought up the possibility the Liberals won’t be in office for long:

“It’s like any government going ahead and making decisions without informing their constituents. And I’m sorry to say an election is coming. You might have to deal with a whole new group of people.”

Catherine McKenna was at the announcement, but her office has not responded to media requests for comment.

You can watch a video of Elder Sault’s comments below (Sault’s comments begin around the 8-minute mark):

Federal environment minister announces Rouge National Urban Park education and welcome centre to be built on land currently used for Toronto Zoo parking

Posted by CityNews Toronto on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sault’s remarks once again point to the fact that the Trudeau Liberals love to talk about ‘reconciliation,’ but don’t actually care about it at all. It’s all talk, it’s all manipulation, and it’s all deception from the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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You will be under the lib campaign bus if you disagree with shiny pony!

alan skelhorne

i sure hope that he spreads the word with other big chiefs.

Shawn Harris

So how does Trudeau reconcile the fact he has had four years to actually achieve anything with first nations and indigenous peoples and yet here is the leader of the Ojibway first nation saying they weren’t consulted. That has been the Trudeau hallmark of reconciliation, on just about everything that involves our first nations and indigenous peoples. The truly sad part is that everyone sees Trudeau as a fraud and liar on first nations and indigenous peoples issues. Yet sadly, once again here is McKenna displaying her sanctimonious self righteousness, believing herself to be virtuous, even though by her actions… Read more »

old white guy

memo to Sault: grow up, become an independent Canadian and provide for yourselves.

Steve Garai

“…Amazon is burning…” yeah right, as if it has anything to do with warming, more like farmers that want to graze their animals…but don’t let Mckenna let an opportunity go by without pushing her ideological obsession. She said very plainly in this speech, that climate change isn’t JUST about climate, it is an economic issue, social justice issue, and every aspect of your life issue. In other words she’s about, if given the power, to change your life, just like Mao changed the life of countless millions, including intellectuals that opposed his views, and have died worked to death on… Read more »