WATCH: Bernier Says “We Are Not A Post-National Country,” Wants “Focus On What Unites Us”

People’s Party Leader says calls for emphasizing “what unites us as Canadians, and not what divides us.”

In a new video, Maxime Bernier is emphasizing his focus on “Canadian culture,” and pushing back against the idea of Canada as a “post-national” country that has been pushed by Trudeau.

“Canada has a unique identity in the world. We are not a post-national country. Let’s focus on what unites us as Canadians, and not what divides us.”

Bernier’s People’s Party remains between 1%-5% in the polls. However, they have have recruited candidates in nearly all ridings, far outpacing both the Liberals and NDP in that regard.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Roy Elsworth

spencer we are higher then what those polls showed us remember they were not using PPC as one of the options they were using other. and new polls came out now ekos has us at about 8 percent and one at 4 percent high enough to go in the debates now

Major Tom

Hear Hear!!!

William Jones

Those are the thoughts of most Canadians. His stating them publicly is one of two — and perhaps two — things. Either an excellent comment politically in view of what is taking place under Trudeau’s regime, or an excellent comment politically, knowing it would garner wide-spread acceptance. Your choice — and only time will tell. Perhaps that is why the decision was made to ban him from the debates???