Manitoba Progressive Conservatives Win Majority Government

Wab Kinew and NDP soundly defeated as PCs maintain hold on government.

The Manitoba PCs have won a clear majority government, holding onto power with a solid victory over Wab Kinew and the NDP.

Early numbers showed the PCs leading in over 33 seats, above the majority threshold of 29 seats. The NDP appears to have recovered somewhat, winning in more seats when compared to their brutal thrashing in 2016, but still finishing far short of forming government.

The highly-hyped Green Part surge fizzled, with the party struggling to gain even 1 seat.

The Liberals were fighting to get the 4 seats necessary for party status.

Popular vote dominance

When it comes to the popular vote, the PCs dominated, with about 52% of the overall vote, compared to the NDP way back at 29%. The Liberals were mired around 13%, while the Greens were at 4%.

While Pallister was not highly popular with Manitoba voters, NDP leader Wab Kinew was seen as highly divisive, with accusations that he had attacked a past girlfriend, along with a past conviction for assaulting a cab driver. The NDP record was also quite unpopular.

The PCs were handed a tough situation, with the NDP having massively raised taxes, wrecked many services, driven up the debt, and dramatically expanded the bureaucracy. Clearly, Manitobans

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I was hoping Pallister would win again, but then those Manitobians are much more caring and smarter than so many radical Ontarians we stupidly waited to finally vote smarter when we were almost bankrupt and it is still almost too late.


I’m from Manitoba originally, and didn’t know they were having an election. Good to see Conservatives win again, and left wing parties finishing way, way behind.


Omg Fernando, please keep reporting as much as you can, I’ve found a bunch of articles from last year and years prior, showing proof of this government I’d lying and scamming Canadians, hes breaking the law and changing the law by threating his Mps of they vote against him, I’m like freaking out, what happens if they win? That’s it for us?


Meanwhile, the MSM continues foisting its push polls on us claiming Conservatives are a spent force lucky to tie the Liberals federally. This is why the MSM is dying a quick death, it is so far left and SJW activist that it alienates and repulses normal Canadians.