#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch Trending On Twitter

The backlash to the elitist Liberals attack on middle class and poor Canadians continues.

As I recently reported, the Trudeau Liberals are facing a massive backlash following their attempt to spread the #ScheerWasSoPoorThat hashtag.

It quickly went against the Liberals, with many pointing out the hypocrisy of a party led by an out-of-touch elitist millionaire attempting to criticize the upbringing of others.

Not long after the Liberals started pushing the #ScheerWasSoPoorThat hashtag, I tweeted about how #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch that his Mercedes was worth far more than the average Canadian yearly salary:

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch that his Mercedes-Benz is worth 3 Decades of most Canadians annual pay.”


People were then encouraged to share their examples of how #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch, and the examples started piling up:

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch yet he demanded tax payers pay for his nannies”

“Liberals are wearing this one: #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch now trending in second place behind #ScheerWasSoPoorThat #cdnpoli”

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch He hangs round with friends who forget they even own a French Villa”

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch he believes our tax dollars are also inherited funds for spending on himself”

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch That everyone experiences things differently than him! #Entitled


“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch he can afford boxed water”

“#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch he thought he could buy everyone. Not @Puglaas. Thanks to #JWR for maintaining #RuleofLaw and #Honour in 🇨🇦


There have been many more Tweets with the #TrudeauInheritedSoMuch hashtag, and it (as of this article being written) is Trending in Canada:

#TrudeauInheritedSoMuch Trending Twitter

Clearly, the hypocrisy and elitism of the Trudeau Liberals has struck a nerve with Canadians.

The only question now is how long it will be until the Liberals try blaming this on bots.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Look what Andrew Sheer has accomplished maybe a start from being poor will help him help Canadians to get back on track my hat is off Mr Sheer !

William Jones

What can one say? This is a classic case of ‘seek and ye shall receive.” Not only that, but it is as if he is so far ‘spaced our,’ he cannot comprehend rue and deserved anger when he sees it.

Shawn Harris

Canadians have suffered enough lies, deceit, conceit, contempt, economic damage and being treated as fools, by Trudeau and his now beyond question corrupt Liberals. That to attack the poor , just to get votes and blame it on anyone but themselves is not leadership or being a caring compassionate government, it is being evil, plain and simple. Trudeau must go.


#trudeauinheritedsomuch that he thinks it’s appropriate to call an election on 9/11


Spencer you probably know already but corrupted lieberals have blocked the investigation by RCMP into Sync Lavalin, what can we do? I have sent emails to Conservatives??? what else??