Justin Trudeau Is Lying About Who Controls Cabinet Confidences As Scandal Cover-Up Continues

It didn’t even take him a day to start lying to Canadians.

Justin Trudeau’s campaign is already launching a barrage of lies to get things started.

And one of the biggest lies relates to Justin Trudeau’s comments on the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

With two bombshell stories from the Globe & Mail pushing the scandal back into the headlines, Trudeau responded by claiming the decision not to waive cabinet confidence – which is what’s blocking the RCMP from fully investigating – is somehow up to the Privy Council Clerk.

Trudeau claimed he was ‘respecting’ the decision of the ‘public service.’

But by trying to blame the Privy Council Clerk, Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians, because the decision to actually waive cabinet confidence is up to the PM.

Many people have been pointing this out:

“Releasing cabinet information is the decision of the HEAD OF CABINET, whose name is Justin. The clerk of the Privy Council is not in cabinet and has no power over cabinet. He is not the one covering up the SNC evidence from the cops. Trudeau is.”

“Direct from the guy who knows:
@RobertFife, who broke #LavScam bombshell story:
– Buck stops with PM, not Privy Council Clerk, in waiving Cabinet confidences.
– PMs Harper, Martin & Mulroney all gave more expansive waivers than Trudeau.

“If I was still a reporter at the @OttawaCitizen, I’d camp out on Privy Council Clerk Ian Shugart’s doorstep and harass him until he confirms that he indeed ordered staff to stonewall the @rcmpgrcpolice #LavScam criminal probe. Because I bet his #LPC boss did. Not him. #cdnpoli”

“This is what it looks like when a PM tells a Clerk of the Privy Council that he is waiving cabinet confidence for documents for which the Clerk has asserted cabinet confidences. The PM makes the final call – not the Clerk.”

The facts are undeniable: Justin Trudeau is lying to the Canadian People, in an effort to hide and distract from the devastating corruptions scandal engulfing his party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube