BREAKING: Global News Obtains Video Of Justin Trudeau In Blackface For THIRD TIME

Blackface now revealed to be a recurring pattern for Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal has gotten even worse.

In his news conference, Justin Trudeau admitted that there was a second time when he wore ‘makeup’ when he sang Day-O.

However, he had refused to rule out even more incidents.

Now we know why:

Global News is reporting that they obtained a video of Trudeau wearing blackface for the third time.

As reported by Global, “shows Trudeau covered in what appears to be dark makeup and raising his hands in the air while laughing, sticking his tongue out and making faces. He’s wearing a white T-shirt, and his jeans are ripped at the knees. It appears as though his arms and legs are covered in makeup as well. It does not appear the video was shot at the same time and place of the other photos of Trudeau in racist make-up that have emerged in the past 24 hours.”

Global says they showed the video to the Liberals, and that the party confirmed the person wearing blackface was the Liberal Leader.


Earlier, another photo had emerged:

What else didn’t Trudeau tell Canadians? What else is yet to emerge?

The sickening hypocrisy of Trudeau and the Liberal campaign is now obvious for all to see. They’ve been demanding that others resign for mistakes in their past, yet now expect Trudeau to be able to keep going and ‘move on.’

Canadians can’t put up with his garbage any longer. Trudeau must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Lloyd Penner

UH huh!
This is the end my friend!
Just like that they fall and they were so high above the average Canadian slob like myself.
The high elevation they were living in, gives them lots of time to contemplate on the way down before they too area wallowing in the muck.
Such is politics. Guess I will see the carbon tax removed on my heating bill.


As a very racist person I once knew said, and I think this suites Justine well ” I am not racist, I hate everyone equally, and I demand respect” he was just a greedy user a selfish hater, what else can you call it, he was, and he owned companies, and his employees disliked him.

old white guy

I don’t care. What I do care about is his destruction of the Canadian economy and freedom.


The Media have either been instructed or advised to ignore real issues and divert our attention to the invented “climate emergency”. Yes, the climate is changing, and we have to adapt in whatever way works.

Moe S.

Someone needs to explain to this ignorant Prime Minister the definition of ‘blackface’. The definition has and continues to be: White people mocking and caricaturing black and brown people as inferior to white people.
Since 2016, I believe Trudeau and his handlers knew these photos existed and chose to hide them from the Canadian people. His nonchalant dismissal, that was then this is now explanation is unacceptable. He does NOT get a pass on this one. The curtain on this Trudeau production is going to stay down for good.

Nolan Diamond

Is the liberal party/ left wing media, out to get rid of Trudeau? Justin has other negatives, more important than blackface. He lacks common sense, no ability to lead all of Canada, is a threat to Canada’s economy, increases the cost of living, plus uses open borders, to allow illegal immigration, for future voter harvesting.

Major Tom

…….and this idiot wants our guns……….


As I have said , I have never worn blackface in my life, let alone 3x. Yet Justin Trudeau would call me a racist for saying that I do not agree with the illegal border crossings across Canada.


He would call you Islamophobic for demanding he pay his fair share of support for illegals or complainsabout bringing ISIS killers to Canada.

Mack Thrasher

Just watched CTV fake news, you aired the Black Face deal, but then you interview 6-7 Liberal Quebecker that defend him, so much for non BIAS, FAKE NEWS is ALIVE AND WELL, you did not do that when the liberals attacked Scheer, and the Liberals also signed the bill.


Only one word is needed from you Justin – resign. We do not need someone like you representing us. What a complete dolt.