Maxime Bernier Calls Trudeau “The Biggest Hypocrite In The Country”

PPC Leader rips Trudeau for having accused everyone else of racism.

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier ripped Justin Trudeau, following the emergence of Trudeau’s blackface photos.

Bernier slammed Trudeau as “the master of identity politics,” and pointed out the hypocrisy of Trudeau and the Liberals attacking others as racists, while it turned out Trudeau had blackface photos.

Here’s what Bernier said on Twitter:

“I’m not going to accuse .@JustinTrudeauof being a racist. But he’s the master of identity politics and the Libs just spent months accusing everyone of being white supremacists. He definitely is the biggest hypocrite in the country.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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This is just all part of the lefty/righty progressive forced game, against all common humans, and the way they are doing this creates more division unfortunately. Which is why friendly integration slowly is more important and people with common interests and beliefs mix well.

Gonzo the Magnificent

How can you NOT like this one?


This is not going to move the needle even one iota. Canadians don`t care about something one of their politicians did two decades ago. Keep on point – ethics! ethics! ethics!


I wish Max well in the next election. I hope people realize with his poling numbers he is a hinderance to removing Justin from power. Knowing this, he should work with the Conservatives to achieve this. I could not vote for him know it will keep Justin in a minority government. I can only hope others will see this as well.

Redpill News

Canadians are getting sick of this Outrage Theatre. Max nailed this one. No need to play the leftists’ game, but it’s certainly good to call out their hypocrisy.