WATCH: Trudeau Speaks After New Racist Blackface Photos & Video Emerge

At least 3 instances of Trudeau wearing blackface have emerged.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is speaking to the media after even more racist racist blackface photos and a video emerged.

As I noted earlier, Justin Trudeau must be held to the same standard he imposes on others:

“Many people would be willing to forgive Justin Trudeau, if he had shown forgiveness to others. But he hasn’t. He’s built his whole campaign on finding the mistakes in other people’s pasts, and then destroying them for those mistakes. He must be held to the same rules.”

You can view his comments below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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So, JT is above the law and can do whatever he wants! One child PM can destroy Canada and our way of life with no accountability. Greed, power and control is what it is all about and we pay. He has to go or we are doomed to the worst yet to come under JT the Liberal Party puppet.

D Met

“Mr. Trudeau, when did you realize it was wrong?”. WHEN I GOT CAUGHT! Time to resign Justin – hold yourself with the same rules you demand from everyone else. What a fake!


Justin does not speak to anyone, he lectures people. He tells you what he wants you to believe.
What happened to the media tooting how he loves to dress in costume. Obviously this is a running theme for him. I can not get the sound to work on the video. A small blessing in hind site.

Diane DiFlorio

I hear
1) I’m privileged (most are not)
2) I regret these choices (I regret I got caught)
3) I don’t recall # of times I’ve done this (I’m a liar but let’s call it memory loss)
4) I will not step aside & continue to lead Canadians forward (b’cuz I’m a narcissist)


While he claims to fight for peoples rights now, as he claims to have finally learned?? He embarrassed Canada with his funny costumes trying to act Indian, he makes fun of Canada’s first peoples, he calls the colonial Canadians white supremacists or his boss Butts called us Nazi’s this is all discrimination or the fact that colonial Canadians can easily be replaced?? This PM has his whole life been a racist, even his English French divisions, especially against Alberta, his father the same giving them the finger, his other divisions in our Canadian society his intolerance his not knowing what… Read more »


Great politically correct speech but don’t be sorry just don’t do it. As you are an unserious creep, just get out!!!!


He doesn’t know if there is other times he did this. Really….. Canada can not afford to have this running Canada you can’t remember or won’t because there a more time.


Just how bad does it have to get before people demand his resignation?


Roughly half his responses had absolutely nothing to do with the question, exactly like he continually did in Question Period. His claim to be listening to Canadians is complete garbage. He hears what he wants to hear and it seems after the first few words in a question that he retreats to his little world, shutting off what the questioner is saying. This is one of the many reasons why Canadians have virtually no trust in him or his hundreds of empty promises. He simply doesn’t listen. If he had any honor, he would do the right thing and resign.… Read more »


Again, not an apology, again, shifts blame on something else, this time being because he was privileged, come on……..


So how will he & his minions try to spin this & blame Harper & the conservatives? He blames almost everything on Harper so why not this?


I stomached watching most of this video again and noticed he fell back on his standard excuse of putting the blame for him staying on everyone else. Allies, groups, Ministers, advisers, leaders and on and on. Not his decision to stay but following the advice of others, indirectly implying it is their choice that he not resign.


Has he blamed Stephen Harper yet?