Yeah, Blackface Is Bad, But What About Bev Oda’s Orange Juice?

It’s almost as if the Liberals have a double-standard…

As Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal continues to worsen, people are pointing out the absolutely massive Liberal double-standard when it comes to unacceptable behaviour.

A key example of that double-standard can be noticed when we consider that the Liberals wanted the Harper government destroyed over former minister Bev Oda charging taxpayers for a $16 orange juice.

“They wanted Harper to step down over Bev Oda”s orange juice?”

Yeah, that was actually a scandal at the time.

Now, the same people who wanted to bring down the Conservative government over Bev Oda’s orange juice are defending Justin Trudeau for wearing racist blackface.

It’s a puke-inducing level of hypocrisy from the corrupt Liberal elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Donald O'Kane

Trudeaus and the Liberals motto: “Do as I Say, not as I DO”!


This is incredulous. I submit that Trudeau’s’ team, probably Trudeau himself who or his right hand man Butts who pulled that picture. What an opportunity to keep repeating his most laughable apology. His, our paid for propaganda machine, CBC are happy to keep on posting his most sincere apology???????. I think and believe that Scheer are stupid to fall for that trick!!


Thanks for the timely reminder… We must never forget the orange juice… LOL

Sean Scully

How come Time Magazine broke this story? @CBCNews gets over a billion dollars a year. If they were anything more than just the propaganda wing of the Liberal Party this story would have been reported 4 years ago. #TrudeauBlackface #TrudeauMustGo