Yeah, Blackface Is Bad, But What About Bev Oda’s Orange Juice?

It’s almost as if the Liberals have a double-standard…

As Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal continues to worsen, people are pointing out the absolutely massive Liberal double-standard when it comes to unacceptable behaviour.

A key example of that double-standard can be noticed when we consider that the Liberals wanted the Harper government destroyed over former minister Bev Oda charging taxpayers for a $16 orange juice.

“They wanted Harper to step down over Bev Oda”s orange juice?”

Yeah, that was actually a scandal at the time.

Now, the same people who wanted to bring down the Conservative government over Bev Oda’s orange juice are defending Justin Trudeau for wearing racist blackface.

It’s a puke-inducing level of hypocrisy from the corrupt Liberal elites.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter