In Desperate Attempt To Distract From Blackface Scandal, Trudeau Moves Towards Criminalizing Law-Abiding Firearm Owners, While Giving Gangs A Free Pass

The Liberals are willing to make law-abiding Canadians into criminals, just to escape from a scandal brought on by Trudeau’s own behaviour.

The Trudeau Liberals have announced that they will ban so-called ‘military-style assault rifles,’ as they desperately try to change the channel from Trudeau’s blackface scandal:

“We’re going to ban military-style assault rifles in Canada.”

What Trudeau is really proposing is a gun grab, taking firearms away from law-abiding Canadian firearms owners.

He proposed a buy-back program, which is another way of saying government authority will be used to (under the threat of force and jail time) seize guns that were legally bought from law-abiding Canadians.

Yet, to really see how disgraceful and hypocritical the Liberals are being here, consider the fact that Trudeau is not proposing a ban on handguns, only saying they will give municipalities the ability to ‘restrict handguns.’

Of course, provincial governments would have authority over that, as noted by the fact that while the Toronto mayor wants a handgun ban, it’s been ruled out by Premier Doug Ford.

As many have noted, this plan is a mess.

It gives gangs a free pass, since gangs in urban areas are the main source of gun crime. Law-abiding gun owners, hunters, farmers, and sport shooters are not the source of gun crime, and criminalizing them will only divert police time, attention, and resources away from fighting gangs.

The Liberals are so desperate to distract from Trudeau’s blackface scandal that they are willing to criminalize law-abiding Canadians and give gangs a free pass in order to try and keep power.

Disgusting, Dangerous, and Divisive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Absolutely dangerous. Which is why I fear the left. The damaged mind of a liberal is a frightful concept.

D Met

Desperate is as desperate does!


No common sense with the lieberals, ever it seems, or any of the lefty parties trying to buy Canadian votes with their own too high taxes or more debt. Hurry up election Canada needs common sense fast, I know the Conservatives will have a really hard time cleaning upbut things for Canada will be much better, even if the lieberal media keeps lying then the Conservatives can take their license away, hopefully so just the truth. Did anyone else read about bill 91? I read it passed? it is about our freedom of speech, not being free, it sounded horrific,… Read more »

Shawn Harris

If Trudeau should , by some kind of a miracle, gets re elected and implements his gun ban/confiscation and it fails, as common sense says it will. Then , who will Trudeau blame and how will he protect the public, who will be living in even greater fear of gangs and their illegal guns, when innocent civilians wind up dead. If Trudeau’s past track record is any guide, then he will default to it being , either Ford, Harper or Scheer’s fault for his failure to protect all Canadians. So, once again Trudeau has created yet another problem , this… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

Along those lines, when / if he does complete his “ban”, and nothing changes. Can gun owners get their guns back? I’m betting no.


Spencer can he ban the guns while he is campaigning, he stopped the Mounties from looking into his SNC affair while he is election mode, something not right here

Norbert Kausen

He is imposing his totalitarian dictatorship and already has created a police state!


A 14 yr old kid has pictures of his gun? Future Liberal?

Dale Evjen

I think that we need 385 more gun laws for the criminals to ignore! What are your thoughts?

Jay Harper

Military style assault weapons are already illegal in Canada.