Angus Reid Poll: Liberals Drop, NDP & Greens Gain Following Trudeau’s Blackface Scandal

But the Conservatives aren’t gaining any new support.

A new Angus Reid Election Poll shows the Conservatives with a five point lead over the Liberals nationwide.

Here are the top-line numbers:

Conservatives 35%, Liberals 30%, NDP 15%, Greens 11%, Bloc 6%, PPC 3%

Since the last Angus Reid poll, the Conservatives are down 1 point, the Liberals are down 3 points, the NDP is up 2 points, the Greens are up 2 points, the Bloc is up 1 point, and the PPC is down 1 point.

Overall, this shows that the Liberal vote has weakened slightly, but is not collapsing. The NDP and Greens have benefitted from the Liberals’ struggles, while the Conservatives have made no gains.

The provincial numbers also show a close race:

BC: Conservatives 34%, Liberals 29%, NDP 20%, Green 12%, PPC 4%

Alberta: Conservatives 59%, Liberals 17%, NDP 12%, Greens 8%, PPC 3%

Saskatchewan/Manitoba: Conservatives 50%, Liberals 22%, NDP 12%, Greens 9%, PPC 7%

Ontario: Conservatives 35%, Liberals 35%, NDP 16%, Greens 9%, PPC 4%

Quebec: Liberals 31%, Bloc 24%, Conservatives 19%, NDP 13%, Greens 12%

Atlantic: Liberals 39%, Conservatives 33%, Greens 17%, NDP 10%, PPC 2%

Overall, this poll is in line with the trend in most other surveys: Liberal support has taken a small hit, and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is getting some renewed attention. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are basically steady, with their support base locked while voters on the fence remain uncommitted.

Spencer Fernando

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I will always remember last election…the whole north Yukon, NWT and Nunavut went “ red!” Does anyone ever check on them?


The whole country should be following Alberta’s lead, the only mostly common sense, intelligent people must live in Alberta, the only for Canada province. The stupidity in Ontario is ridiculous, maybe they are all afraid of UNIFOR, I hope this poll is wrong.


I’m in BC and I am blocked from the ability to vote for a Bloc candidate. They are a Provincial party and it is offensive. Where is the Bloc candidate in my riding? Illegal Liberal favoritism?


I agree with you totally on that Del, have also been saying that for years but Canadians keep voting for these Love Quebec, don;t care about the rest of Canada politicians, now all politicians must pander to them or somehow cannot get elected, not a democracy when one separate province takes from and runs the whole country , another one of the PET set up just for Quebec we we do not teach real history or truth in Canada any more.

gord stevenson

I’m afraid that votes going to the NDP, Green, PPP are wasted. We may not like the Conservatives, but they may be the only way to get rid of Trudeau. The aforementioned parties will throw in with Trudeau if he forms a minority government.

old white guy

gord, not liking conservatives just proves what I have been saying, looks like you are a socialist as well.

Sean Scully

Either these polls are fake or 30% of the Canadian population have IQ’s of 70 or less.

old white guy

Sean, that would be close to the correct number.

old white guy

As I have said, liberal socialists will only move to another socialist party. Just look at the Quebec numbers, 68% socialist. Does anyone with half a brain not see where the country is headed? Ontario 60% socialist.

Shawn Harris

And yet, it was the conservatives of Doug Ford that sent the liberals packing in the last provincial election. So much for going socialist. Also all across Canada the Conservatives have kicked out the socialist liberals whenever there has been an election. Remember, first it was Wynne, then Notely and now the last domino to fall is Trudeau.


Really??? The PPC is only at 3%…lower than the Bloc…nice try Fake poll!!!