Angus Reid Poll: Liberals Drop, NDP & Greens Gain Following Trudeau’s Blackface Scandal

But the Conservatives aren’t gaining any new support.

A new Angus Reid Election Poll shows the Conservatives with a five point lead over the Liberals nationwide.

Here are the top-line numbers:

Conservatives 35%, Liberals 30%, NDP 15%, Greens 11%, Bloc 6%, PPC 3%

Since the last Angus Reid poll, the Conservatives are down 1 point, the Liberals are down 3 points, the NDP is up 2 points, the Greens are up 2 points, the Bloc is up 1 point, and the PPC is down 1 point.

Overall, this shows that the Liberal vote has weakened slightly, but is not collapsing. The NDP and Greens have benefitted from the Liberals’ struggles, while the Conservatives have made no gains.

The provincial numbers also show a close race:

BC: Conservatives 34%, Liberals 29%, NDP 20%, Green 12%, PPC 4%

Alberta: Conservatives 59%, Liberals 17%, NDP 12%, Greens 8%, PPC 3%

Saskatchewan/Manitoba: Conservatives 50%, Liberals 22%, NDP 12%, Greens 9%, PPC 7%

Ontario: Conservatives 35%, Liberals 35%, NDP 16%, Greens 9%, PPC 4%

Quebec: Liberals 31%, Bloc 24%, Conservatives 19%, NDP 13%, Greens 12%

Atlantic: Liberals 39%, Conservatives 33%, Greens 17%, NDP 10%, PPC 2%

Overall, this poll is in line with the trend in most other surveys: Liberal support has taken a small hit, and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is getting some renewed attention. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are basically steady, with their support base locked while voters on the fence remain uncommitted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter