Video: Trudeau Refuses To Say When He Figured Out Wearing Blackface Was Wrong

How can Canadians take his apology seriously at this point?

During a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked when he finally figured out it was wrong to wear blackface.

He refused to answer the question.

Instead, Trudeau deflected and tried placing blame on Canadians, saying people are “having conversations,” about the issue.

Of course, most Canadians didn’t wear blackface, Justin Trudeau did, and his claims of a ‘conversation’ are really an attempt to blame others for his own actions.

You can view Trudeau’s remarks below:

“Trudeau doesn’t answer when asked directly when he thought wearing blackface was wrong. This is very telling.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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He’s a sociopath. Very ill in the mind.

Elizabeth Thorne

Twenty eight more days of this insufferable fool.

Shawn Harris

Since when does a proven prolific liar , that Trudeau is, ever admit guilt, accept unconditionally, responsibility and punishment, without trying in some way to deflect blame or minimize his actions by saying that we caused him to be an arrogant, lying hypocrite and racist. Trudeau has lied from the beginning of his term in office, from election reform, to pipelines being built, to making aboriginal and first nations lives better and equal to ours, lowering taxes for the middle class, to being open and transparent-snc lavalin, bombardier, the list is almost endless of examples of Trudeau’s deceitfulness and lying.… Read more »

Steve Garai

Amen brother!!!

Moe S.

He’s lived his life consequences free. Another term would just empower him even more to continue his consequences free behavior.


That guy uses a lot of words. We need actions. He should resign.


When has he directly answered a question? That is the question we have been waiting to hear for over 4 years now.