Trudeau’s Net Momentum Score Falls To Negative 45 Points

Angus Reid says “Trudeau has become major liability for LPC.”

A new Angus Reid poll shows Trudeau’s net momentum score falling to negative 45 points following his blackface scandal.

The ‘net momentum score’ is calculated by subtracting those who say their opinion of a leader has worsened from those who say their opinion has gone up.

On Twitter, Angus Reid pointed out that Trudeau is a “major liability” for the Liberals:

Trudeau’s net momentum score has fallen to a brutal negative 45 points. By contrast, Scheer’s score is negative 14 points, Jagmeet Singh’s score is plus 5, Elizabeth May is down 10 points, and Maxime Bernier is down 25 points.

These numbers make it clear that all leaders – except Jagmeet Singh – are becoming less popular. But Justin Trudeau is becoming less popular at a much faster and more dramatic rate, which is good news for Andrew Scheer.

Singh also appears to be benefiting from his widely-praised response to the emergence of Trudeau’s blackface scandal.

Much of the Liberal base is still sticking with Trudeau, but many swing voters appear to be souring on the Liberal leader, and in a close election that could make a decisive difference.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter