WATCH: Conservatives Unleash Attack Ad Against Trudeau

“What an embarrassment.”

The Conservatives have unleashed a new attack ad on Justin Trudeau, as the election gets more and more negative.

Called “what an embarrassment,” the ad features international news coverage of Justin Trudeau’s blackface debacle.

You can watch the ad below:

“Justin Trudeau. What an embarrassment. He is #NotAsAdvertised.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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pancake rachel corrie

I wish the pc party had policys that were different than the libs ……


The DIFFERENCE is that Scheer is NOT trudeau.


Perfect, absolutely perfect. Wow, I actually hadn’t seen some of these commentaries. This is awesome. I wonder though if any MSM in Canada will carry it?

Vladimir Poutine

If a TV station is carrying other parties ads then they have to carry these. A Station can Totally Opt out of carrying any ads, although that never happens because there is Money to be made.


Excellent, thanks for that. Good to know. In that case, I am really looking forward to the show, popcorn is ready, :)))


Great Video! Loved It!


I think the Conservatives should be using how much debt Canada is in and how much more we will be in if they vote for any of the lefts un freebies, how much taxes will have to go up to support this debt alone never mind the new debt and loss of employers and jobs because of it so who will be paying for all these not freebies promises how long can a non functioning country keep this up, If the left had remained in power in Ontario it would be bankrupt now or soon would be then no one… Read more »

Lorraine Armstrong

So you DON’T think Ontario is deeply in debt after Kathleen Wynne? Is THAT the point you are trying to make? I believe they are nearly THREE Trillion in debt. How deep do they NEED to be? Yeah, no belt-tightening required, from what I hear . . . . LOL Yup, they are BANKRUPT


Lorraine I just stated that Ontario’s debt was so bad that our credit rating had dropped from the lieberals McGuinty/Wynne with Butts and Telford’s practice run for taking down the rest of the country with the left in power but Ontario now has Doug Ford Conservative and they are working hard (against the lefty UN run lieberal bought out mainstream media) and will slowly hopefully get Ontario slowly with this huge debt back on track even with the cost of most of Canada’s newcomer being in broke Ontario, as I believe the Federal Conservatives will do for the huge lieberal… Read more »

old white guy

Nancy, Canadians aren’t very bright and over 60% are in the bag for “free stuff” 24/7.


Yes they are Doug Ford just stated on the Ontario news, over a quarter of Ontarian’s live on disability pension, Ford Nation Conservatives are very open and transparent and I am waiting to hear how many more in Ontario live on welfare or like me I live on CPP, and all the many, many older new comers are put on OAS, (which is as much as I receive on Cpp) with out ever paying taxes in Canada, I have no idea how the Conservatives can fix this problem also.


TRUDEAU is playing Wynne 2.0, running around spending billions of Canadian tax payers dollars in Ontario trying to buy the Ontario vote. Is the rest of Canada okay with this??

D Met

Well all of those comments – not from Canada – illustrate exactly what the world thinks of us. Thanks Justin…you (not ‘we’) are the embarrassment. Anyone with an ounce of integrity would resign!


Trudeau really earned all those comments with his disgraceful behaviour. He should be mortified.

Lorraine Armstrong

IF he had any integrity, he would resign. He would certainly expect a CPC leader to resign, regardless of whether they were PM or just party leader


He is a sociopath; no conscience. Not possible for him to be mortified.


Trudeau has almost all the traits of a narcissist. Psychiatrists say that if a person has more than 5 of the 10 checks for narcissism, they need psychiatric help. We can see that in trudeau.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Trudeau is the one who started flinging dirt, now he’s on the receiving end of it.


Spencer , Scheer needs to stop these negative attacks on Trudea, people are sick of hearing this, they need Scheer to be more positive and talk more about what he will bring to the table


Politics is a nasty game.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau with his narcissistic sanctimonious interest in his public image has shown the world that Canadians elected a clown as PM. Trudeau’s image, behaviour, and lack of either discernment and integrity, makes for a compelling reason to elect Andrew Scheer as PM. Canadians deserve better than a circus sideshow to represent their interests here at home and abroad, we need an honest, humble PM, that shines truthfulness, integrity, and decency, that just doesn’t listen to our needs and desires but fulfills them. These are the qualifications that Trudeau never had or could ever begin to grasp the concept or meaning… Read more »

William Jones

This is a classic example of “If the shoe fits.” Or, “Seek, and ye shall receive.”

David Mc

Quote from 2015 — ” Well I have a simple message for you : on behalf of 35 million Canadians, WE’RE BACK.”
Well, the fool on the hill has certainly brought us back — what a disgrace this leftist clown has made of our once proud nation.


Just remember, this is the person that would represent Canada on the very diverse world stage.