Angus Reid Poll: Conservatives Expand Lead, Trudeau’s ‘Momentum Score’ At Negative 41 Points

It’s the latest in a growing series of polls showing a small lead for the Conservatives.

In line with the latest surveys, a new Angus Reid poll shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals.

Nationally, the Conservatives have the support of 37% of Canadians, compared to the Liberals at 30%.

The NDP is at 14%, while the Greens are at 8%.

The Bloc has 7% support, and the PPC is last with 3%.

Notably, 88% of respondents who voted Conservative in 2015 plan to vote Conservative again. By contrast, just 60% of those who voted Liberal in 2015 plan to do so again.

The NDP is the top “second choice” for voters, with 31% putting the NDP in that spot. Meanwhile, 21% list the Liberals as their second choice, 23% list the Greens, 11% list the Conservatives, and 8% list the PPC.

The Liberals are steady from the previous Angus Reid poll, which had shown them losing 3 points following Trudeau’s blackface controversy.

The Conservatives are up 2 points.

Provincially, the Conservatives dominate in Alberta, and Saskatchewan & Manitoba. Ontario is close, with the Conservatives leading the Liberals by 5 points, while the Conservatives also lead in BC, where they have a 7 point advantage over the Liberals.

In Quebec, the Liberals lead with 32%, followed by the Bloc at 28%, and the Conservatives at 23%.

In Atlantic Canada, the Conservatives lead within the margin of error, pulling in 40% compared to the Liberals at 39%.

Trudeau’s momentum remains horrendous

Justin Trudeau’s ‘momentum score,’ which is the number of Canadians who say their opinion of him has improved since the start of election minus those who say their opinion of him has worsened has fallen to a staggering Negative 41 points.

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier has the second worst momentum score, at negative 31 points.

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer’s score is negative 14 points, while Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is at negative 9.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is the only party leader with a positive momentum score, pulling in a plus 12 rating.

We are now seeing multiple polls saying relatively similar things: The Conservatives have a narrow lead.

Of course, with the Liberals desperate to retain power and willing to do and say anything to try and win, there is no room for complacency among Canadians who want to see Trudeau defeated. The election is still close, and nothing is certain at this point.

You can read the full Angus Reid poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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After the Conservatives arrested a journalist and refused your everyday Canadian entry into a news conference I’m not voting for them


Michele, I was also very disappointed to see that Andrew Scheer has not been allowing the Rebel, Conservative Independent Journalists, to attend a Conservative News Conference and has even had a Credited Rebel Reporter arrested. Andrew Scheer should be ashamed of himself. The Rebel has been working so hard in advocating for Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. Scheer is allowing all Liberal Paid Media, who were paid $595,000.00 to prop up Trudeau to ensure that Trudeau, Stupid as he is, has the best chance to win the election. Liberal Paid Media work hard to cover up all his flaws and… Read more »

Garlet Farlett

The liberals did this to Andrew Lawton just a couple of days back. You going to vote for them?


This is the first poll I’ve seen for quite awhile that is encouraging. It’s interesting to see the Conservatives almost tied with the Libs in Atlantic Canada, since the Libs won every seat there last election. Plus I’m glad to see Conservatives leading in Ontario. Hoping this is the start of conservative momentum. Trudeau must go.


Hopefully like Ontario’s last election the polls kept showing a tight race but Doug Ford and the Conservatives won a majority leaving the lieberals non party status , thankfully, even with the demon media against them so I am believing Canadians are going to vote for the Federal Conservatives and Andrew Scheer, because they can add and subtract are not distracted by radical destruction of our country and will bring back law and order and respect for honesty and Canadians FOR Canada.( and hopefully un-license this really out of control against Canada, lefty media.)

pancake rachel corrie

Angus reid is in the hip pocket of the ruling government …what a joke

Elizabeth Thorne

There is no choice, Canadians who want to save our country will vote for Max Bernier period


I SO agree Elizabeth. It IS criminal how the media has pretty much REFUSED to even talk about Max or his excellent and PRO Canada, PRO Canadians, ANTI-globalist platform/policies. We have essentially been ‘given’ TWO choices and TWO choices only by the elites : Libs or Cons – pick on!! We don’t care WHO it is, as long as it’s ONE of them… Max has been getting a LOT of support on You Tube, etc., on his MANY videos of his various events, interviews and so on. And even MORE support since Andrew Scheer banned David Menzies from TWO events… Read more »


I like Bernier but he has no chance of becoming PM. Its Scheer or PM Blackface. That being said, I’m in elizabeth May’s riding where she appears to be a lock on winning again, so I’m may vote for Max. I wouldnt chance it in a swing riding though.

Shawn Harris

Stephen Harper has said on many occasions,in politics change comes incrementally. So it is here with Trudeau. Poll after poll is now showing that Canadians are changing their view of Trudeau and want change. As long as Trudeau keeps campaigning, his support will go towards the Conservatives because of his record as a fraudulent PM, with nothing to offer the voters, except promises of more of the same lies, broken promises and arrogant deceitful behaviour. The voters are now tuning out Trudeau and his lies, so they are desperate to say and do anything to win. It will be the… Read more »


Trudeau is a Hothouse flower: Pretty, appealing, soft, doesn’t last long and useless.

Dave French

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