Justin Trudeau’s Obsession With Doug Ford Is Starting To Seem Unhealthy

Calm down bro.

It seems Justin Trudeau just can’t get over his obsession with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

After all the times Trudeau has brought up Ford’s name on the campaign trail, Canadians could be forgiven for thinking Ford is on the ballot on election day.

Yet, Ford isn’t running in the federal campaign, he’s busy running Ontario and trying to clean up from the mess left by the Wynne Liberals.

Still, Trudeau just can’t stop talking about Doug.

Here’s a snippet of Trudeau’s increasingly unhealthy obsession with Ford, all taken from one news conference:

Justin Trudeau really needs to calm down and let go of his obsession with Doug Ford. Of course, since Trudeau apparently has nothing else to campaign on, it’s clear that he’s running out of people to attack and demonize.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter