Timing Of English Language Debate Is An Insult To Western Canada

Why schedule the debate for a time when so many people in the West won’t be able to watch it?

The Debates Commission appointed by the Trudeau Liberal government has had months and months to prepare for the English Language debate.

So, any perceived ‘mistake’ has to have been planned ahead of time.

That’s why the timing of the debate is such an insult to Western Canadians.

The debate starts at 7 eastern time, so it’s at 6 pm for Manitobans, 5 pm for people in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and 4 pm for people in BC.

As a result, many people in the West won’t even be home from work by the time the debate begins.

In short, it’s timed to be perfect for Eastern Canada, and totally inconvenient for Western Canada.

If the debate was instead later in the evening, say 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm eastern time, it would work for a much wider swath of the country.

And considering that we are talking about a federal debate, with implications for all Canadians, shouldn’t it be happening at a time when all Canadians can watch easily?

This is a total insult to the West, and shows the contempt the Trudeau Liberals and the elites have for Western Canadians, even as the elites are glad to take billions in wealth away from the West every year.

Instead of being a moment that could have brought Canadians together watching a common event, the timing of the debate will only deepen the rise of Western Alienation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brian Dougan

Not to be the Devil’s advocate; but they can’t please every province. A better time in Alberta and BC means a nine or ten o’clock starting time in Ontario/Quebec. Most people can tape it.


The tail wagging the dog, as always, also why is it being held in Quebec? 80% of the country is English and yet 2 French debates only one English? If Trudeau has fixed the election again, he knows Canada will divide, as to me it seems, to be fair this election should be in Manitoba and for all of the English speaking of Canada, oh wait it is fixed the lieberal unfair debate for one province’s benefit?, 3 French party leaders, and 2 English leaders, with one for both, maybe? and all arranged so they all attack Andrew Scheer, the… Read more »


You are exactly right Spencer. Another question is why is this debate also taking place in Quebec. Why not Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver or Edmonton? Understandable the French debate was in Quebec, this one could take place anywhere. Also, climate change nuts are planning on shutting down the Johnson street bridge from 330 to 6. This is the main wat out of downtown Victoria to Eaquinalt, Victoria west and view royal. This will obviously impact commuters wanting to get home from work and perhaps pick up kids at daycare. How is this even legal? They are scheduling “die ins”. Of course… Read more »


Just another reason the west needs to separate the sooner the better


Totally biased debate anyway! Climate change hysteria! Ugh! I do think Trudeau did poorly.


It was also held IN Quebec.


I was wondering that myself. I live in Vancouver and was thinking most people would miss it because they’re working. Then I thought, the votes from western provinces rarely count anyway, so that’s why they don’t care if we see it or not. What else is new? We’re always ignored out here.


YUP, completely controlled & orchestrated by the Lieberals. Disgusting, but I’ve said that word so many times in last year it’s almost sterile. Words cannot express the contempt I feel for Trudeau & the Lieberals hypocrasy. It’s been such a long time coming but now Oct.21 is just few days away. VOTE CPC CANADA & let’s get this beloved country back on track!!!!

Eeyore Pooh

You want Western Alienation? Do more than half of the follow up press interviews in French! And why the hell was the PQ leader even in the English debate when he has no candidates in the rest of Canada?
What a useless debate “moderated” by nincompoops who had no handle on the situation.
I’m voting for “non of the above.
A complete waste of time.


Since no one gives a damn in Ottawa today the country of Western Canada will not watch the next rump Canadian federal debate in 2022 because they will be busy running their own elections.

David Henley

I find it hard to believe the polls. What is it Canadians don’t get. Trudeau and his liberals have destroyed Canada. Supported by the NDP. The conservatives have allowed the liberals to continue to destroy Canada but now come election they go after legal; action against the liberals as an other promise. Scheer making promises one after another and switching sides so often we no longer know what he wants to do. Hard to believe that anything we hear. Holding a debate in Quebec with lioberals doing the questions is just another act against the Canadian people. Since the Quebec… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Pierre Trudeau showed just what he thought of the west by giving them the middle finger salute and trying to nationalize the oil industry. So, like father like son, Justin Trudeau is displaying his love and concern for the west by holding a national ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEBATE in Gatineau Quebec, a predominantly french speaking province and at a time that will maximize his outrageous contempt for the west. So technically we had JUST ONE ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEBATE and Trudeau still decided to insult both the english speaking citizens and the west, instead of facing up to his critics and having… Read more »