WATCH: Trudeau’s Dodging Of Blackface Question Is Becoming Most-Watched Moment Of Debate

At press conference on debate night, Trudeau repeatedly dodged a question from reporter Keean Bexte.

Reporter Keean Bexte of Rebel Media, along with David Menzies and True North Reporter Andrew Lawton, had to fight in court to get a chance to cover the national leaders debate.

After winning in court, they made the most of the opportunity.

Bexte asked Trudeau a question at the post-debate press conference, and Trudeau’s non-answer is becoming the most-watched moment of debate night, reaching nearly 500,000 views so far.

Bexte asks Trudeau if he’s apologized to any leaders in Africa and the Middle East for having repeatedly worn blackface.

You can watch the moment below:

[email protected] responds to a question by @TheRealKeean about his blackface scandal after  @RebelNewsOnline was granted an injunction by a federal court to cover the Leaders’ Debates after the federally appointed commission sought to deny them and  @TrueNorthCentre access.”

Trudeau’s arrogant non-answer is pathetic, and it’s exactly what he did at the debates, as he avoided the real issues being discussed and recited empty platitudes.

This also shows why Canada needs independent, non-bought-off media, to ask the real questions and hold the corrupt elitist class accountable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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uhhhhh… we will continue to have a plan. hahahaha. libs is dumb.


But Quebec still supports Trudeau???? Hopefully the newcomers to Canada can see what this fake lieberal party really is before this election, then Ontario would be all Conservative. Four more years of any of these lefty parties will be the end of Canada with their doom and gloom propaganda and the sick using of our children to push it, with their unions, let children have a childhood.


Trudeau is a master of providing answers to questions that nobody asked. He also offendingly arrogant, failing to answer the important questions people ask.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau says he has accepted responsibility for his blackface racism, yet he still hasn’t found the courage to say to Canadians that he is a racist who has ruined Canada’s reputation around the world and at home. Trudeau still just doesn’t get it, the public won’t accept dismissive , arrogant non answers to legitimate tough questions. Trudeau is a fraud, a coward and is unfit to be PM. He shows contempt for everyone, with each and every non answer he gives; Trudeau actually believes his rhetoric, to the point of thinking that he is a genius and that we are… Read more »


He has to be repeatedly reminded that he is speaking to Canadians who demand intelligent answers. He isn’t in Question Period. His answers must be related to the question.

William Jones

There is nothing new in the way Trudeau does not, will not and cannot properly respond to questions that come along. He is geared to repeat certain responses and, if he is lucky, his responses might even touch on the subject at hand. Otherwise, he cannot keep his mind on the questions in fear of having to actually give an articulate response to an embarrassing question.