WATCH: Trudeau ‘Tries’ Answering Question About Syria

“This is why Trudeau skipped the foreign-policy debate” says CanadaBuster.

Many people wondered why Justin Trudeau skipped the foreign policy debate.

Well, perhaps it’s because Trudeau is totally incoherent when he tries to speak about Canada’s position in the world.

Here’s the latest example, as Trudeau gets asked about what’s happening Syria:

“Reporter asked Trudeau about the situation in Syria, Trudeau gives incoherent response about Iraq. 😂

This is why Trudeau skipped the foreign-policy debate.”

Of course, the real answer to all of this is that Canada really can do absolutely nothing, because our military spending is so low that we can’t even defend our own territory, and until that changes, nobody will really listen to or care about what Canada says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter