WATCH: Trudeau ‘Tries’ Answering Question About Syria

“This is why Trudeau skipped the foreign-policy debate” says CanadaBuster.

Many people wondered why Justin Trudeau skipped the foreign policy debate.

Well, perhaps it’s because Trudeau is totally incoherent when he tries to speak about Canada’s position in the world.

Here’s the latest example, as Trudeau gets asked about what’s happening Syria:

“Reporter asked Trudeau about the situation in Syria, Trudeau gives incoherent response about Iraq. 😂

This is why Trudeau skipped the foreign-policy debate.”

Of course, the real answer to all of this is that Canada really can do absolutely nothing, because our military spending is so low that we can’t even defend our own territory, and until that changes, nobody will really listen to or care about what Canada says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Readers hubby

His response comes as no surprise. This is classic Justin Trudeau. His lack of coherence is just what Canadians have come to expect from this fraud.


But many in the east still swoon over him.

Don Taylor

Trudeau a real piece of work gone wrong !


WTF was that? Another word salad by Justin Trudeau. No one does it better. Canada’s biggest embarrassment. And I didn’t think anyone could be as hated as his father. I stand corrected. I’ve been waiting for Oct. 21 since the day people lost their minds and awarded him with a majority government. Thank God his reign is almost over.


This is what Happens when Trudope is NOT Scripted. We have had a Very Stupid Joke of a PM in Canada for the last four years. Canadians should be Ashamed and Very Embarrassed having such a Fool at the helm of our Once Great Country. Trudeau has been the Biggest Mistake that Canada have ever made! TRUDEAU HAS TO GO!!


Hmm, pardon me? Could someone drug test this guy, he is oblivious.

Ron Shaw

Is he stoned ?


Spencer is so right here. We have all seen it over the last four painful years, the sad babagable that shows this “dude” is not deserving of this position.

Carol Nadon

Huh? He didn’t even get the right country.


What the… this a G7 leader?

Richard Gauthier

Oh lord!! WTF!!