BREAKING: House Of Commons Votes To List IRGC As A Terrorist Organization

Will the Liberal government now follow through on this vote?

After years of leadership from the Conservative Party – including Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and stalwart pro-freedom MPs like Garnett Genuis – the House of Commons has voted to list the Iran-controlled Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization:


Parliament just voted UNANIMOUSLY to list the IRGC as a terrorist organization and shut down their operations in Canada.

Hypocritical Liberals vote to do it, and then refuse to do it.

Let’s see if this time is different.”

“BIG NEWS for Canada!

The Canadian Parliament voted unanimously to put the terrorist & illegitimate Islamic Regime in Iran on the Canadian terror list!

Thank you @GarnettGenuis, @PierrePoilievre, & @CPC_HQ for your years of tireless advocacy & forcing Trudeau to finally do the right thing.

Canada should not be a safe haven for #IRGCterrorists and their supporters.

We need to kick them and their Islamofascist flag of terrorism out of Canada!”

Now, we will see if the Liberals act on this, or whether they just pretend it didn’t happen.

If the Liberals try to ignore the will of Parliament and the will of the Canadian People, we must keep up the pressure to ensure they actually take action and shut down the IRGC.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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