WATCH: Parliamentary Budget Officer Says Conservative Platform Is Fully Costed

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is refusing to have the Liberal platform fully costed.

While Justin Trudeau attempts to demonize the Conservative campaign platform, the Parliamentary Budget Officer has confirmed that the Conservative Party Platform is fully costed.

Here’s what PBO Yves Giroux noted in a French language media interview:

“From our point of view, Conservatives asked us to estimate every item of their platform with a financial impact. To me, nothing seems hidden, because what was unveiled today seems totally consistent. Of course, the platform unveiling is very recent, but it seems totally consistent with the items the Conservative Party asked us to estimate. So, from our point of view, nothing seems hidden or new, at least with a financial impact.”

Here’s the video:

“PBO confirms that the Conservative platform is fully costed. Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians about our fiscal plan because he doesn’t want Andrew Scheer to lower taxes to help you get ahead.”

In a big time irony that also exposes the hypocrisy of the Liberals, the entire reason party platforms are being costed by the PBO is due to legislation passed by the Liberals.

Yet, despite that fact, the Liberals have refused to have their platform fully costed. Instead, only parts of it have been looked at, and many Liberal promises have been totally vague and without any real numbers.

That means the Liberals are denying Canadians transparency about their real plans before Election Day, a stark contrast from the Conservatives, NDP, and Greens who have all been forthright about the impact of their plans.

Spencer Fernando

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