WATCH: Scheer Warns Canadians About Dangerous “Trudeau/NDP Coalition You Can’t Afford”

Coalition would “raise your taxes even higher,” says Scheer.

With both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh leaving the door open to an undemocratic coalition after the election (undemocratic since it would keep Trudeau in power even if he loses the election to the Conservatives), Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is ramping up the warnings of the dangers of a Liberal/NDP coalition government.

Here’s what Scheer said in a recent video:

“The #elxn43 choice couldn’t be more clear:

A Trudeau/NDP coalition you can’t afford, that will raise your taxes even higher.

Or a Conservative majority that will live within its means to put more money back in your pockets so you can #GetAhead.

It’s up to you now!”

While Jagmeet Singh has somewhat backtracked on his support for a coalition, the resulting uncertainty and potential chaos (not to mention the serious threat to national unity) that could happen because of a coalition is raising the stakes of the election to new heights, and Scheer’s warning is something Canadians should consider.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

There is no way I would support a backhanded coalition Govt,you either win on your own merits or not at all

Don Taylor

only a sneaky party would join a coalition


A coalition would be a massive disaster for Canada. This is why I am so disappointed in Max.
If you have not voted please, vote Conservative bring back some sanity to this country.

Diane DiFlorio

Why are you disappointed with Max, he has stated repeatedly that he will NOT consider a coalition. Please explain, if I am missing something.


A vote for Max is a vote for Justin. I see votes wasted on him with his polling so low.
Canadians need to stop what is happening in our country.


The lefties are determined (fixing it) to stay in power one way or another, yes it is very undemocratic and the end of Canada as we will divide, so hope were in the right area of the country, but of course this will cause a civil war which is scarier but better than what will happen to us all if the radical left wins, at least to me.

Donald O'Kane

If the Conservatives win with a minority government and there is a coalition of the left partys, LIberal, NDP and Greens partys, then we will all be in trouble. I strongly believe that will be the cause of a sepatation vote for Alberta and perhaps the Western Provinces. I feel the vote in Alberta would be approximately 75% to separate. That would be disasterous for Canada. Just one effect would be Seniors demanding their Cpp payments and company payments made on our behalf and compound interest be returned to us asap since that is OUR money, NOT the governments. In… Read more »


Watch out! Here comes the Scare Tactics! Better forget about voting for the PPC and hand your vote over to one of the Globalist parties, like the Conservative Party! Oooo! If that’s the case, one globalist party is as good as the other. So, no need to worry when it’s all the same! Oooo! Whether it’s trudeau , scheer or Signh, it’s all the same dangerous BS and UN pandering! Oooo!


I’m voting for PPC.