Liberals In Big Trouble In Quebec: Poll

The Liberals now trail the Bloc by 15 points among Francophone voters, according to Leger TVA poll.

A new Leger TVA Nouvelles survey shows Liberal support in Quebec is at risk of collapsing, as the Bloc Quebecois embarks on a massive surge in support.

The Liberals are down 6% points, to 31%, while the Bloc is up 13% points, also at 31%. The Conservatives are also struggling, down 8% points, while the NDP is up 5% points. The Greens are down 2%, and the PPC is down 2% as well, to 6% and 2% of the Quebec vote respectively.

These numbers show the Liberals are in big trouble, as they had been counting on a surge in Quebec in order to make up for expected losses in Western Canada, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.

But instead, the surge is going to the Bloc.

If the Bloc continues gaining support in the upcoming days, they could leapfrog the Liberals entirely, putting the Liberals at risk of a near total collapse in the province.

Notably, the Liberals now trail the Bloc by 15 points among Francophone voters, with the Bloc at 39% and the Liberals at 24% among the largest voting cohort in Quebec.

What this shows is that the Liberals have successfully weakened the Conservatives in Quebec, yet aren’t benefiting from that at all. Instead, the benefit is going to the Bloc, while the Liberals desperately struggle to try and salvage what seats they can in the province, rather than making any gains.

Spencer Fernando

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Maybe they are setting up to separate again? With as much of Eastern Canada as will go with it? They do not want Canadian oil and gas there and want the equalization payments that they get most of, and Canada is not liking to give them when as they keep saying they are a separate unique nation who want to control the rest of Canada at our peril.


A lot of francophones will be voting PPC not the Bloc. The Bloc aide just insulted Quebecers and said,if they don’t vote the Bloc,they are stupid(in so many words).
Nice way to get rid of support!!!!
Again the PPC is under represented!!!
Even in these Fake polls!!!

Shawn Harris

Just think, that for all of Trudeau’s endless scheming and rigging of this election, Trudeau could be helping to not only defeat himself and his party; but actually help the Conservatives win. Could it be that the member for Papineau, Trudeau could lose his very own seat in parliament? And if the Liberals take a pounding in Quebec, then their very existence as a party will resemble that of the Liberals in 2011, just 35 seats or possibly even less. For Trudeau to lose the crown jewel, Quebec, would mean all those expected gains in Ontario wouldn’t even help him… Read more »

Bryan Taylor

Just one thing. Trudeau will never lose his seat in Papineau. The Grits will cannibalize every seat they have in the province before they let that happen. Trust me, in the off chance that Trudeau loses his seat, it means the Liberals are completely shut out in the province.

But I do agree. Trudeau is now in big trouble otherwise. His party will likely try to continue in government if nobody gets a majority, but I do think the Conservatives will be the largest party in the House of Commons come election day.

Marjorie Bradley

Wonderful if Trudeau is also in trouble in papineau. I hope, as a Westerner interested in integrity in Ottawa, of which the Liberals know nothing, that ALL those who supported Trudeau through the LavScam issue lose their seats. Maybe Quebec is tired of corrupt politidcs.

Nolan Diamond

Maybe, the Liberal party hopes PM Justin T. loses his seat, for an excuse to choose a new leader, with common sense.

Scott Kellam

The Liberals are panicking. Justin… it’s over.

Nolan Diamond

Over for Justin, if that were to happen, then it’s time to celebrate & declare national holiday? Would the Liberal party, just pick another clone of him, a radical lefty with nice hair/fancy socks?

old white guy

Canada is in big trouble because over 60% of Canadians will vote the socialist line. They all want something for nothing and have no idea that all be hurt eventually. Just plain stupid.

Nolan Diamond

The left wing public education system/left wing media, produces socialist voters. Canada ends up with open borders/carbon taxes/huge national debt & a poor economy with increased cost of living.

Malcolm Dutchak

very interesting